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So what is a game engine?

2. Inventory of popular engines

3. Summary:

King of Glory is now the most popular game, many people will play several games every day, but do you know what king of Glory is made of?

For some newly graduated students, although they have a passion to play games, but do not know the game industry, do not know where to start, do not know how to learn, as for the overview of the game industry can see my previous article, but what are the client game engines, what are the characteristics of these engines, what should learn? Today we have a detailed chat, hope to want to enter the game industry program students some direction.

So what is a game engine?

When Pangu created the world, all codes were written line by line starting from “0”. This is ok for simple games, but if you want to produce products quickly, this process is repeated over and over again, and finally universal codes are extracted to improve industrial production efficiency.

Observing games, we find that common functions in games include UI interface display system, model loading system, physics engine system, animation system and so on. This series of common function set is called game engine.

2. Inventory of popular engines

1, the Cocos2d – x


Representative works: immortal road, forget immortal, Wolong Yin, fishing master 1, fishing master 2, demon warriors, stars change, big palm, small commercial street and other games

Programming languages: js, C++, lua

Summary: Cocos2D-X comes in different versions of the programming language. It’s a relatively less abstract engine. It’s also a game engine THAT I don’t touch much

2, the cocos creator


Representative works: Sword and expedition, defend radish 2, The Legend of Mir ii, happy disappear happy

Programming languages: javascript, typescript

Summary: CoCOS Creator is an engine promoted by the official team of COCOS Engine. It is very fast in iteration and easy to use.

3, laya




Representative works: national gun god border king, Archangel sword H5, national snowball

Programming languages: AS3, javascript, typeScript

Overview: Laya is flash’s new mini-game engine, which is friendly to AS development, but now seems to be tepid and not promising

4. Egret Engine


Representative works: Dream Westward Journey web version, the strongest flying knife player, mini world creation board

Programming language: javascript

Summary: Many small game developers will use this engine because the package is small and the engine is easy to use.

5, unity unity. Cn/madewithuni…


Representative works: King of Glory, Naruto, Hara God, collapse

Programming language: C#, Lua

Overview: Unity focuses on lightweight development and is more mobile. It is very strong in mobile games. About 70% of mobile games are developed with Unity. With relatively high degree of freedom, cross-platform is the best platform supporting almost all mainstream platforms, which can give full play to the ideas and ideas of developers to make creative types of games; More support VR, AR related application development;

6 and UE4


Representative works: Monkey King of Black Myth, Eating chicken, Heavenly sword, Peace elite

Programming language: C++

Overview: UE4 is suitable for heavyweight development, focusing more on PC, terminal games and high-end mobile games, with poor compatibility for mid – and low-end mobile phones; First-class rendering effect, better user experience; Engine source code open source; But the programming language is C++, which is a bit of a barrier and restricts some unity programs from moving to ue4.

3. Summary:

There are client engines on the market, but the choice of major game companies is the most direct reflection of the characteristics of an engine, what game companies use, what we learn, so as to find a job.

For companies focusing on small games, CoCOS Creator and Laya are most used. Among the suzhou companies I have contacted, CoCOS Creator is the most used

For small and medium-sized game companies above, Unity is the most widely used game engine on the market, and unity is also the engine with the most users.

For big game companies, many have their own UE4 projects, big game companies are exploring, is the mainstream of the future.

In my opinion, the safest thing to do is learn Unity and uE4 if you want to go for it. What would you choose?

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