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The so-called growth, is constantly think yesterday oneself is SB process.

Nine years ago, I just started to work. From September to the end of the Chinese New Year, I completed the workplace orientation ceremony in just half a year. At that time, it was not popular for my team to report my work by PPT, which was usually done by email or face-to-face chat. I chose email to make the following half-year summary:

I. Diamond Booth: daily function maintenance and migration of 2.0 new functions

1. Planned consumption; 2. Bannermaker access; 3. Account diagnosis; 4. Group release; 5. Pricing and delivery;

Ii. Star stores: main site search and store search

1, the first phase of the revision online main search; 2, the second phase of revision online main search and shop search;

Three, MiniSite:

1. Wantang Academy was independent from Minisite and became a sub-site; 2. Super Mai Ba, diamond booth, third-party service platform;

4. TMS: Taobao alliance, Etao, promotional activities, channel page production;

5. BP background: development of compatible versions of background mails and messages within the site;

Vi. Through Train Forum: making forum posts and activity pages;

7. Sinba background: drag module, tree structure, and whole site revision;

8. Outbound billboards: support for Outbound billboards in Beijing, production and modification of multi-size billboards (for Yahoo, Youku, Sohu and other major portal websites), special versions (, release requirements);

Nine, wireless business search mobile page production;

Team building:

Team life and construction of the company: led a total of 16 teammates in the team to conduct 25 times of training and competition, including hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou Net Club, Hangzhou Juventus, Taobao team, Taobao Mall team for many times of friendship games;

Problems in half a year:

I. Project progress: As a front-end UED, the project control ability is not strong enough; 2. Ability to coordinate with multiple departments: insufficient coordination and maturity; 3. Influence on the product birth process: the scope and strength of influence are insufficient; Iv. Maturity at the technical level (demand value, application scenario, development perimeter, technical implementation, maintainability and expansibility, and the optimal tradeoff comprehensively considered by online response within a given period of time) : demand PK and processing proficiency in special scenarios is insufficient;

Today’s own at that time to see the summary, is obviously immature not worth mentioning, after all, is to use today’s standard ruling.

Reporting and reporting is essentially doing three things:

  1. Let the person measuring your performance (usually the supervisor, but also the boss and HR involved across the hierarchy) have a clearer view of your work commitment and value, as opposed to what he or she has in mind, and fill in the gaps and deviations.
  2. In all the things I did, I used a variety of digital cases to prove that MY comprehensive ability has grown, especially my logical ability, which is the ability of structured combing, systematic thinking and inner expression reflected in my summary
  3. Through the work content and their own accumulation of summary, as well as their own growth demands, let the boss more flexible to respond to your demands, combined with your interests and strengths, repositioning your position in the team and potential position, at the appropriate time to put you in a more allow you to experience and growth of a scene.

Project summary is very important, because the first ruled that affect your performance, is about the past you, the second is the ability to influence your uniform, is about the present you, the third point is the effect of your potential excavation is about you in the future, and the most important thing is that you now, especially you in the future, so the focus of the reporting on activities does not lie in the past, but in the present and the future, We accept whatever performance results are, and then focus on the present and the future.

However, if the boss is unreliable, it is also a disaster, but how to know the boss is unreliable, or how to know that you think the boss is unreliable and unfair the view itself is not valid, we will talk next time, in the car mobile phone code word tired..

Last time I went to Shenzhen, I found that there are business seats on the subway.

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