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This is the second wave of open source libraries in 2018

1. ModalBottomSheetDialogFragment Material based on the Design at the bottom of the pop-up dialog

Kyrie is a superset of Android’s VectorDrawable and AnimatedVectorDrawable classes: it can do everything they can and more.

3. Recordablesurfaceview can be used as an alternative to GLSurfaceView for recording MP4 movies.

AutoFlowLayout, which can be used in many tagging scenarios. Grid layouts are common in categories and in scenes such as selfie grids

RemoteControlView is to imitate letV remote control App to add interactive effects of universal remote control.

6.Material-Animations jump between pages

TextPathView TextPathView is a custom control that transforms text into a path animation and then displays it

8.LabelsView Android tag list control You can set the effect of the label selection. You can set the label selection type, such as None, single, limited multiple, and Unlimited multiple, and set required options.


Json-2-kotlin converts JSON to a Kotlin data class

11.Hiroaki uses Kotlin to write idiomatic API integration tests

12. Kotlintest powerful, elegant and flexible Kotlin testing framework

13.Store Android library for asynchronous data loading and caching

This is the official Kotlinconf application and contains the source code for the application. All parts of the application are implemented in Kotlin. The back end, front end, and mobile applications are all Kotlin applications.

15. Name That Color This plugin allows you to insert a name for your copied color – paste or type an Android resource file.

16. Awesome-quickapp provides first hand learning for fast app developers!

17. Jarslink modular management


The above is the second wave of Android open source library in 2018, if you feel not enough, you can also pay attention to me, look at the previous open source library summary, after all, knowledge is unchanged, and finally welcome to pay attention to my public account MAndroid, irregular welfare oh ~~~, well, we will see you next time ~~~ ~