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The practice time two and a half years of college programmer, checking and planning | Denver annual essay

Posted on Aug. 8, 2022, 4:16 p.m. by Devin Padilla
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I have worked for two and a half years. Since 2018, I have made a review of my study and life this year and the plan for the next year at the end of each year. This is the first time that I have published my review and plan in Nuggets. Is released, it is in order to meet their own monologue, 2 it is to tell everyone has such a plain ordinary programmer, he left some detours or do some decisions, if this experience can bring some help to the person is good, or you just want to look at life and career planning can also be other programmers.

I was born in 1998. I started my internship in the second half of 2018 and have been working for more than two years now. As a junior college programmer, when looking for a job is certainly not popular, I think this does not have what problem, large companies do not want to go to small companies, as long as the technical level is excellent, work for a period of time to prove themselves, we still will trust you. The reason why I went to junior college is that I didn't study hard when I was young, so I started to learn later. When I was a freshman, I realized that it would be too late if I didn't study, so I began to make my own review and planning.

I owe this insight to an app and a philosopher.

At that time, I had never seen so many high-quality elites gathered on an app. Looking at the answers of these leaders and looking at myself in a confused state, it was inevitable that I would have the desire to change, and there were just so many answers to tell you what to do.

Philosopher Schopenhauer, since the childhood I don't know what you want to do, and I don't know what I should do, what is important, also don't like class, bored, so also didn't pay any efforts and action, at the lucky enough to see the Schopenhauer's book "the wisdom of life, then open the floodgates, Read "Essays on Schopenhauer's thought", "The Big Question", "Sophie's World", "Introduction to Philosophy", "Talk about beauty", these are philosophical entry works. It was Schopenhauer who helped me find what I really needed to focus on, and what I wanted to do, to create my own work that could make a difference in the world. I began to study philosophy because of Schopenhauer's influence, and I feel that, as Maugham wrote in Reading is a Refuge to Carry with you: "Philosophical works will not disappoint you. You can never see the boundaries in this kind of work, it's as diverse as the human soul." . Or from An Introduction to Philosophy: "Philosophy is different from all other disciplines, precisely because it is the critical approach to all subjects, and all other disciplines fall within its broad horizon. Philosophy is a way of life, a life of thought or reason, the life that a man like Socrates lived throughout his life, the life that most of us live only for a few hours a week. It thinks of everything, of everything. But mostly, it lives with thought."

My books and notes:

The plan for 2019


Professional goals:

  1. Accumulate project practice experience
  2. Learn to use flutter
  3. Learn more about VUE
  4. Learn more about Golang
  5. Learn how to use Node.js
  6. Get to know and learn about non-relational databases
  7. Meet the requirements of golang position with 1~3 years of web programmer experience on mainstream recruitment websites (Boss direct,, etc.)

Goals of interest:

  1. Learn Unity and try making small games
  2. Create your own blog
  3. Create a personal plan management app using Flutter

Other goals:

  1. To learn English
  2. Learn financial management and save more than 30,000 yuan

Web front end

Vue learning:

  • Using JavaScript to mimic the syntax of VUE, a homemade MVVM framework supports bidirectional binding
  • Use VUE to build a personal blog front end

Flutter study:

  • Finish the tutorial on Flutter posted by the Tech Fat blog
  • Take a quick look at the dart syntax
  • In order to practice learning about flutter, I copied an APP I made before with Flutter in my spare time
  • Create a personal plan to manage the front end of the app with Flutter and publish the front-end flutter code on GitHub

Golang learning:

  • Reread the book Go Programming Language and take notes
  • After reading the book Go Web Programming, take notes
  • After reading the book Effctive Go, compare and fill in the gaps in the two Go technical books and take notes
  • Use GO to realize the back-end of personal plan management APP. Since we used BeeGo framework to do projects before, in order to learn GO more fully, we decided to use native GO instead of using the framework this time
  • Try beego and GIN frameworks in your projects

Node. Js learning:

  • Read liao Xuefeng's blog's Node.js tutorial
  • Use Node.js to implement the back end of personal blog, use while learning

Mongo learning:

  • In order to learn noSQL database, see novice tutorial mongoDB tutorial, experiment building mongoDB tutorial, Liao Xuefeng blog SQL tutorial
  • Use mongoDB instead of mysql as the database for personal blogs

C # learning:

  • Through the rookie tutorial of c# tutorial over the syntax, do not need to be very familiar with, mainly for learning unity later to prepare


  • The book "Pringston calculus reader" after watching, do not understand the place combined with Zhejiang University su De mine public class video understanding
  • Take notes after you finish reading diagrams of Algorithms
  • Book "Introduction to algorithms" after reading, take notes (not very understanding of the over, really do not understand the place on the first skip, because later will reread 2 to 3 times)

Computer science (operating system, computer network, code, etc.)

  • Buy a Linux cloud server (Ali Cloud), configure, use
  • Familiar with Shell commands
  • After reading modern Operating Systems, take notes
  • Finish your book, Illustrated HTTP, and take notes

2019 development practice experience

  • A metal trading app, responsible for the front end, with H5 + ApiClound implementation
  • In order to learn about flutter, a metal trading app copied flutter in private time
  • A company produces plan management system and is responsible for the back-end. The technology stack uses GO + mysql + Nginx
  • Personal blog, with vue + Node. js + mongoDB + nginx implementation
  • Personal Plan management app with Flutter + Go + mysql
  • Mall project, responsible for back-end and background pages, technology stack used go + mysql + Nginx + vue
  • Internet of Things business process management system PC side, independently developed, responsible for the front and back end, technology stack used Vue + GO + mysql + Nginx


  • After watching lai's Introduction to Unity course
  • Step by step use Unity to make the following small games:
    • roll a ball
    • Roguelike 2D scavenger
    • Space shooter


  • Finish reading the English version of the little Prince
  • Buy the one-year course "Speak Fluent English APP"


  • Finished reading the book Management Economics
  • Work for one year, save more than 30,000 yuan, for next year to work in first-tier cities to prepare
  • Take notes after reading the book "Economics General Course (Yale University)"



  • Read more than 20 books and take notes


  • Post at least 10 articles on your personal blog
  • Publish at least 10 notes on your blog
  • Select a variety of high-quality books and make a "My Lifetime Reading List"


  • Finished the first volume of Critique of Pure Reason
  • Take notes after reading Essays on Schopenhauer's thought
  • After reading an Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism, take notes
  • Reread the Wisdom of Life


  • At least 30 minutes of pushups and crunches in the evening, at least 3 days a week, or night runs instead

The game


  • Civilization 6
  • Divine Sin II
  • Resident Evil 2 remastered
  • The stars


  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Dance full 2019
  • ARMS
  • Fitness boxing
  • Fire emblem wind, flower, snow and moon
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Nintendo Star Wars
  • Fitness ring adventure
  • Pokemon Sword and shield
  • Mario Made 2

My 2019 book list


  • Critique of Pure Reason. Volume 1
  • Essays on Schopenhauer's Thoughts
  • Reread the Wisdom of Life
  • An Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism


  • The Selfish Gene
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • "Scale"
  • The Way to Learn


  • Happiness Class
  • Say No to "Pseudo-psychology"


  • General Studies in Economics (Yale University)
  • Management Economics


  • "1984"
  • 84 Charing Cross Street
  • The Gods Themselves
  • The Fall of Edward Barnard
  • The Dark Elves (Trilogy)
  • The Kite Runner

History Biography:

  • The Historical Mirror (Zhonghua Book Company edition), Vol. 1
  • Zuo Zhuan (Zhonghua Book Company edition), Vol. 1


  • Reread the Code Book
  • The Hacker and the Painter
  • The Preston Calculus Reader
  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • Go Programming Language reread
  • Go Web Programming
  • The Effective Go"
  • Modern Operating Systems
  • Illustrated HTTP
  • Diagram of TCP/IP
  • The Definitive Guide to Web Performance
  • Diagram of algorithms
  • Data Structures (John DENG)

Golang, a leading recruitment website, collates job requirements

  • Familiar with Linux commands
  • Familiar with common data structure algorithms
  • Familiar with HTTP protocol
  • Familiar with at least one database such as MySQL, mongodb, SQLite, etc
  • Familiar with at least one major programming language other than Go and related development work is a plus
  • Good coding habits, clear structure, naming standard
  • Be familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax/jQuery/Websocket front-end related technologies, such as a priority
  • Familiar with the architecture of Docker and K8S microservices
  • At least 1 year Golang development experience, proficient in beego/ GIN/Iris and other web frameworks
  • Have good self-learning ability, can continue to learn new technology, keep curiosity, and constantly explore their own potential
  • Willing to share, keen to participate in the open source community, have participated in the development of open source projects

Summary review

January 1, 2020.

At this time, I worked for more than one year and was 21 years old. Graduate from junior college in the first half of 2019.

I have been working as an intern in an outsourcing company in Taizhou since the second half of 2018. I became a full-time employee at the end of 2018 and didn't leave until the end of 2019. The monthly fixed salary is 4,300, because I got a commission of more than 20,000 yuan in 2019, the average monthly salary is more than 6K and less than 7K.

Working in this outsourcing company in Taizhou has two advantages: one is that the rent is very cheap in the owner's home; the other is that I have accumulated a lot of practical experience in projects. In a small bedroom on the second floor of the boss's home, the monthly rent as long as 200+ water and electricity, every month to eat 2,000 yuan, usually to buy something, the general monthly can save about 3000. In the past year, I have done 5 projects in the company, including 1 front-end project, 3 back-end project, and 1 front-end project. Among them, the price of 2 projects reached more than 150,000 yuan, and I got a total commission of more than 20,000 yuan.

The company also has disadvantages. One is that the technology stack used by the company is relatively backward, most employees have weak technical level, and there is a lack of professional project process and development standards. Also because it is an outsourcing company, the work is very busy, party A has a lot of shit, sometimes also very unhappy. In addition, the salary in Taizhou is still too low, so I prefer to work in first-tier cities. Even if the living cost will increase, I will not lose as long as the salary increases enough, and the technical level of companies in first-tier cities will also be stronger.

Self-positioning: NOW I can write back-end interface and front-end page. I mainly work on back-end. If it is combined with another front-end, I can develop and complete about 150,000 outsourcing projects. In terms of development ability, we have a little breadth and speed, but the overall depth is still insufficient. Now, we can only meet the needs of the business, and the original knowledge is still not fully understood, so we have no ability to develop as a core.

To sum up, my next learning goal is to focus on the maintainability of code, improve my code writing skills, understand the professional project process and development norms, and then try to design a relatively elegant project code structure by myself.

The highlight of this year was buying the NS console I always wanted with the money I earned, and a computer that could play all the major games now. Before that from my primary school in the use of the old computer can be eliminated eventually, with the old computer before the most can move before 2008 out of the masterpiece game. The saddest thing this year came from my parents, who are still balancing their emotions.

I plan to work in Hangzhou next year with a monthly salary of more than 10K.

Completion of the 2020 plan


Professional goals:

  1. Solid computer foundation
  2. Improve your coding skills
  3. More in-depth study, especially the knowledge of the primal

Goals of interest:

  1. Make my original game

Other goals:

  1. Improve your English
  2. Adhere to the fitness
  3. Promote education

Web front end

  • Take notes after reading the Definitive Guide to Web Performance
  • Do a project using GO's Irrs framework
  • The JavaScript you Don't Know Read through volume 1, 2, and 2 and take notes
  • Learn TCP and WebSocket related knowledge, make an instant messaging server framework, My goal is to quickly complete a back-end of extensible social module that supports front-end WebSocket access, other services call through GRPC, single chat + group chat + circle of friends function, and open the code on GitHub for colleagues to use together within 2 weeks through this framework


  • Learn to use Docker: watch Xiao Jingmo's Docker teaching video to learn and practice using it in work
  • After reading Docker, take notes
  • Watch free-coder (B station up main) video series on cloud native


  • Re-read the Preston Calculus Reader
  • Reread the book Introduction to Algorithms
  • After reading my first Algorithm book, take notes
  • Geek time: The Beauty of Data Structures and Algorithms

Computer science (operating system, computer network, code, etc.)

  • Geek time Take notes after reading the Wind in the Left Ear column
  • After reading modern Operating Systems, take notes
  • Finish your book, Illustrated HTTP, and take notes
  • Finish the book Reconstruction and take notes
  • Take notes after reading SRE: Google Operations and Decryption
  • Take notes after you finish your book Programmer Professionalism
  • After reading the book, take notes
  • Reread the book Complete Code
  • Take notes after reading the book birdman's Linux Dishes
  • Finish reading Domain Driven Design and take notes
  • Geek time: Take notes after reading the Interesting Network Protocol column

2020 development practice experience

  • Use Hexo to build a personal blog
  • Tax improvement system of an economic city: responsible for bug modification and development of new functions in the later stage. Node.js + mongodb + vue was used in the technology stack
  • Blockchain + social app: As the development team leader, I was responsible for project progress management, the development of social modules with core functions, helping to solve bugs and deploying Ethereum wallet. The technical stack used go + mysql + Redis + Nginx + Docker + vue + k8s + GRPC + Protobuf
  • Use go to complete an instant messaging server framework, GitHub open source, technology stack used go + mysql + Redis + GRPC + Protobuf
  • C terminal of a block chain mining machine system (including mobile terminal, PC terminal, background management and official website) : In version 0.0.1, I worked with a backend, and in the subsequent iterations, I realized both the front and back ends by myself, with occasional help from the technical director. The operation and maintenance part was completely taken charge of by other colleagues, and I didn't need to take care of it. The technical stack used Go + mysql + Redis + Vue
  • Wechat mini-game for the company's local promotion: Responsible for back-end interface and background management system, technology stack used go + mysql + Redis + Vue
  • H5 page for the company's official account: responsible for back-end interface and front-end H5, technology stack uses GO + mysql + H5 (using Canvas)

The database

  • Take notes after reading MYSQL Practice 45
  • Learn to use Redis

Block chain

  • After watching the course "Private Blockchain, Let's GO" on MOOCs
  • Deploy the Ethereum wallet node
  • After reading the book "IPFS Principle and Practice", take notes; Set up an IPFS multi-node private network, tried to upload and download files

The game development

  • Finish the book Unity Game Development and take notes
  • Check out Godot's official progressive tutorial and complete the game
  • Geek time: Take notes after reading the "Learn game Development from Scratch" column
  • My original game Project ideas and Plans (to start production in 2021)


  • Open Speech English reached B1


  • Take notes after reading a Chinese University MOOC on microeconomics
  • The salary in Hangzhou exceeds 10K
  • Deposit 50000

Promote education

  • I started my on-the-job undergraduate study of Computer Science and Technology, School of Network Education, East China University of Science and Technology. If I get an average score of 70 at the end of each course and pass the English test for degree, I will be able to obtain the bachelor's degree certificate of East China University of Science and Technology (it is expected to take two and a half years).



  • Read more than 20 books and take notes


  • Post at least 10 articles on your personal blog
  • Publish at least 10 notes on your blog


  • Read "Zuo Zhuan (China Book Company edition)" volume 1
  • Bianjing Siege


  • Finished the first volume of Critique of Pure Reason
  • After zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


  • Keep working out every day, can see the abdominal muscle line

The game


  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Riding and Slashing ii
  • Invisible Guardian
  • So my scrolls
  • Ring the world
  • hypoxia
  • Amazing fairy simulator
  • Total war: Three Kingdoms
  • Crusader Kings iii


  • Fitness ring adventure
  • The middle of the animal


  • The west lake
  • Hangzhou paradise

My book list for 2020


  • Critique of Pure Reason. Volume 1
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Gene Pass


  • The Power of Conversation


  • The Gods Themselves
  • "Cry"
  • "Alive"
  • The Fall of Edward Barnard
  • The Art of Traveling
  • Entertainment to Death
  • demian
  • The Sea Watcher
  • The Kingdom of Exile and Independence
  • "Veil"
  • Murder on the Orient Express
  • Reading is a Refuge to Carry with you

History Biography:

  • Zuo Zhuan (Zhonghua Book Company edition), Vol. 1
  • The Siege of Bianjing

Computer Science:

  • Re-read the Preston Calculus Reader
  • Re-read Introduction to Algorithms
  • Modern Operating Systems
  • Illustrated HTTP
  • The Definitive Guide to Web Performance
  • Docker
  • My First Algorithm Book
  • Construction and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • "Refactoring"
  • Programmer Professionalism
  • The Google Way of Software Testing
  • Birdman's Linux Home Dish
  • Domain-driven Design
  • IPFS Principles and Practice
  • Two weeks of Homemade Scripting Language
  • Unity Game Development
  • Advanced Programming in Go
  • Reread the Code Book
  • JavaScript You Don't Know (Volume 1)
  • JavaScript You Don't Know (Middle Volume)
  • JavaScript You Don't Know (Volume 2)
  • The Code Clean Way
  • The Myth of the Man-month

Summary review

27 December 2020.

At this time, I have worked for more than 2 years and AM 22 years old.

At the beginning of 2020, my mother and I bought a house together in Taizhou for investment. I need to pay off about 3,000 yuan of mortgage every month. I put in my notice at the end of 2019, only to be hit by the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. At the beginning of the year, it was very difficult to find a job during the epidemic. I originally planned to work in Hangzhou, but during the epidemic, there were too few employees in Hangzhou, so I decided to add the job in Shanghai. I have submitted more than 100 resumes on Boss Zhipin, but few of them replied to me. Most of them were direct rejections, and only 5 of them had an online interview with me. The first three failed. After that, I passed the two interviews, both of which were from Shanghai companies, so I made a choice between them.

One of the companies is in Shanghai Xuhui, which is an online shopping platform. It has a mature technical team. They said that they would give me 8K salary in the probation period with a single rest. Another company in Jiading, Shanghai, said it was doing blockchain-related business. The technical team was just established a month ago, and said it would offer me 11K salary and a single day off. So I chose to join the latter. It was hard to find a job during the pandemic, and I didn't want to put it off.

I started to sign the internship contract after working in this company in Jiading, Shanghai for a month. The owner's wife (she was the hr director in the company) told me that the salary of 10K was the total amount that the company had to pay, but it was not the amount I actually got (the original agreement of 11K was inexplicably changed to 10K, but I put up with it). I had to deduct 2000 from the probation period. The rest is only 80% (this is simply baffling), and the probation period does not pay five insurance and one gold, to pay. So in the first month, SOMEHOW I only got 6400 (not as much as I earned in Taizhou last year), and I didn't pay five insurance and one housing fund during the probation period. The company's management is chaotic and cheap (though the owner's wife keeps saying they're generous). I was shy and introverted. I didn't have much social experience at that time. I didn't know anyone in Shanghai. I have long wanted to quit my job, but because I was in Shanghai, save money, my parents also don't have much money, I also want to mortgage each month 3000 yuan, and it is hard to find a job during the outbreak, and all my colleagues were taking little salary, began a few months they have to endure, I can only choose as their first endure, waiting for the outbreak of the past. In addition, this company is very, very serious overtime, even the May Day overtime (without overtime pay of course), I have no spare time to learn skills for several months. This year is off to a bad start!

I started to work in this Shanghai blockchain company at the end of March this year and left in September. There were many disadvantages during my time with the company that I won't go into too much detail.

But the six months in Shanghai have not been all bad for me. In June this year, the leader of our technology department was fired because he failed to complete the project deadline set by the boss. In this project, I was recognized to undertake the most and most core development tasks, so my boss decided to let me as the development team leader, leading a team of 4 people to continue to complete the project. This is the first time for me to assume the role of project management. This work experience adds a lot to my resume, improves my overall vision and ability to control a project, and greatly improves my technical confidence. During these months as the development team leader, I became friends with my team members, and we completed and updated the project iteratively together. On the other hand, the lesson I learned in Shanghai has also impressed me, so I won't be as stupid and sweet as before and trust others easily. And I certainly won't be resigning naked.

In September, the epidemic situation in China had temporarily passed, and it was time for gold nine, silver ten, so I negotiated a job in Hangzhou through an online interview on September 5th. The salary is 16K, two days off, no pressure salary during the probation period, pay five insurance and one housing fund during the probation period. The only defect is that when I negotiated with HR, I asked for a salary based on 11K of the previous salary, but it was less. After I joined the company, I found that I could ask for 18K if I was more bold.

In the year-end summary of 2019, I wrote down the salary of more than 10K that I hope to work in Hangzhou next year. Fortunately, it took a lot of twists and turns to achieve the goal.

Self-positioning: In order to improve my code writing skills, I have gained some understanding of the concepts of code maintainability, reuse, loose coupling and algorithm complexity analysis through reading books such as "Complete Code", "Introduction to Algorithms", "Dome-Driven Design" and a lot of code knocking practice this year. Due to work reasons, I also have some experience in project management. Now I can efficiently complete all the front and back end business requirements of a common Web project by myself, and have the experience of designing a relatively elegant project code structure and database table structure from zero to one. My next plan is not to spend too much time on business, but to spend more time on consolidating the professional basis of computer and learning the fundamental knowledge, and constantly improve the accomplishment of writing code.

The happiest part of this year was the column "Wind in the Left Ear" that inspired me.

Next year, I hope my monthly salary can reach more than 20K. I will consolidate my professional knowledge of computer, learn English well, finish my self-made games and find my girlfriend.

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