It starts with the Beans mile.

In 2010, two Ruby fans, Leon and Rain, got together to form a team called Beans Mile. Seven years on, they look like this:

In the past few years, we have completed hundreds of projects for customers in North America, Europe and Australia, such as e-commerce, social networking, media, data visualization, mobile APP, etc. In the past two years, we have also started to cooperate with some excellent entrepreneurs in China to create valuable products together.

While completing business projects, we always stay true to our original intention and constantly summarize and share our thoughts on technology, team, entrepreneurship and other aspects. Our team Blog has accumulated many articles of various types. At the same time, we also shared in GZRuby, Pearl River Delta Technology Salon, RubyConf China, RubyConf Taiwan and other technical conferences.

As the team continues to grow, we are also systematically summarizing our own experience and lessons in development, team, business development, team building and so on. Then we found out that a team on the other side of the world had gone further and earlier than us. ThoughtBot (ThoughtBot) and PlayBook (PlayBook) had a very good summary of what a modern consulting outsourcing team should do to deliver high quality and efficient client projects, build their own product, recruit like-like-people and share it generously.

Playbook is literally a sports term. It is a Playbook for a team, and it also sums up the content of this book very vividly. It is not a doctrine, but a living Playbook, which can be used not only to learn, but also to guide the actual game.

In addition to enjoying it, our BeansMile team has translated this manual into Chinese with the consent of ThoughtBot and released it to GitBook in the same open source way. We hope that more people can read this brochure and benefit from it. We also welcome your criticism and comments on the inconsiderate aspects of the translation. Let’s work together to improve the level of the development community in China.