It was 16 years ago that I first met the Nuggets. At first, I was just searching for a solution to a BUG, but in the same answers, I found a reliable introduction and entered here. In order to give a “like” to the author, I registered this account. In the following days, I will often visit this community. From time to time, THERE will be some strange and clever skills that I have not noticed, which will be optimized in my own code. From then on, I love this community. Maybe what appeals to me is the nuggets’ technical purity.

My 2020

2020 is a year of disasters. The outbreak led to three months of self-quarantine at home. The case that I started a business with my friends before was broken only because of the problem of capital chain. Hubei province is the hardest hit area, and everyone is in a panic at home. However, this is also the longest time I spend with my family after working. Since I went to college, I spend only one or two weeks at home every year. Remember the day back home, on the car to brush the news, suddenly the epidemic coverage, we train through Wuhan, stopped by Wuhan, we all probe to see how many people on the car is not, come up people involuntarily pull their masks. On the third day after I arrived home, Wuhan was closed down. If I had been a few days later, I would have had to spend the year in Shenzhen.

Three months of the epidemic

When the epidemic stayed indoors, everyone began to show talent at home. Learned how to steam a cake in a rice cooker in Tiktok? How do you bake a tart in the oven? How to take delivery without touching? How to hold the broom upright? In fact, I was happy at home with my wife. Basking in the sun every day, playing Kings, making dessert in the evening, changing the fast pace of life in Shenzhen, occasionally slowing down life is comfortable and comfortable.

Back to shenzhen

We started our journey at the end of March. Because we were close to hunan, we chose the route from Hunan to Chongqing and from Chongqing to Shenzhen. At that time was also a big heart, over the time also went to taste the authentic Chongqing hot pot. When I arrived in Shenzhen, I was faced with the problem of finding a job again. The epidemic was still a big blow to the enterprise. The recruitment requirements of programmers before and after the year were significantly increased, but the demand and salary decreased a lot.

Trial period of three months

Eighty percent of the time period, the company is doing a cloud album project, took over before leaving the backend code, constantly overthrow of refactoring, caught the release but because the project profit was told that the project not be cut off, the front is all made redundant, we several backend was arranged to another need hand in the project, although the final peace through the probation period, but I also realized that way they are Be passive and eventually drift with the tide. I have five years of development experience, encountered many strange requirements, and solved many tricky bugs. At this time, I thought of the Nuggets, and wanted to output something to record my program life and bring you some solutions to make it easier to take detdetments when starting new.

To regain the nuggets

In fact, I have updated one or two articles here and there, just on a whim, without deliberate typesetting. Looking back, these articles are not like technical blogs, but like a diary of my own. Since I decided to start systematic blogging, I searched for knowledge about it and finally started the first tweet in the check-in series using mdNICE. It mainly provides a solution of Redis+Mysql around the daily business of the check-in APP. It didn’t take long for the article to become popular, and I felt a sense of achievement and inspired my enthusiasm to update it. After that, three articles in this series have been updated.

  • Check-in function implementation, not as complex as you think (1)
  • Check-in function implementation, not as complex as you think (2)
  • Check-in function implementation, not as complex as you think (3)

In the process of updating the article, Nuggets has also updated its own version to support custom themes. I have also been constantly optimizing the illustrations and mind maps. The previous illustrations were randomly found on the Internet, but now they are all drawn on the mind maps by myself. It’s a small step forward. Following the completion of the check-in series, we have updated our series on how to gracefully count order revenue,

  • How to gracefully count order revenue (1)
  • How to gracefully count order revenue (2)

The solution class article has always been the need to demand polishing, I am writing blog at the same time, our company’s products are also upgrading, I will update these upgrades in the article, also tried to write source code analysis class article. I may not be deep enough to read much, but I will continue to update the JDK class article, and progress.

  • You probably don’t know Integer that well

Because I have many projects and rich experience in refactoring, I wrote a series of code specifications for the control layer, which is still being updated.

  • Writing a Pleasant API (part 1)
  • Writing a Pleasant API (Part 2)

Self-feeling from the first open to the most recent one, their own writing expression or a great degree of improvement. Whether the article is good or not is up to the reader, you want to let others know your thinking, there is a sense of substitution others will feel that your article written real and practical, on the contrary, just like your own diary, may be useful for yourself but the reader can not absorb.

Looking forward to 2021

List some goals you want to accomplish in 2021

  1. Remember the original intention of updating your blog, do not make headlines, with the text to match the topic, do not forget the original intention
  2. The topic of the article is more elegant, try not to be identical with everyone’s article, even if the theme is the same, also want to speak deeper and more understandable
  3. Perfect your easy-Demo project on Github to create a more friendly scaffolding project
  4. Strive for the opportunity to communicate with excellent we-media writers, and constantly improve themselves
  5. exercise
  6. Love your wife more

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