Hey, diggers, I’m Digger Jam.

I have an important announcement for gold jam! A list of new writers will be added to the Nuggets community today.

What is a new writer?

A new writer is someone who has a digging capacity of less than 20 and is Posting this week to improve their digging capacity. The top 20 authors in the final push are the new writers of the week. (Don’t worry if you can’t participate in the selection of new writers. The list of digging plans will set sail soon. Please wait a little bit.)

Digging force value

Diggability is the cumulative contribution of a digger to the community. The purpose of the cumulative contribution is to better reward the quality users, and also to help more diggers through the quality content they produce. Also known as Juejin Power or simply JP, you can see your driving force on your personal page.

2. The value of a driving force:

  1. The number of posts you post will be affected by the number of posts you post. Content produced by active users with high number of posts will be recommended to more users
  2. As more and more of your friends consume content through attention, being featured and getting attention is a great way to increase your influence
  3. There are different permissions for the value of the dig, and as the value of the dig continues to increase, more and more features and permissions will be unlocked, allowing you to travel freely in the dig

Supplementary reading: What is the driving force value?

On the rules

The selection scope

Creators whose initial driving force is less than 20 in the same week and who publish original articles in the same week.

List selection cycle

The statistical period is weekly, and the list of the last week will be published every Monday (postponed during holidays).

Time: 00:00:00 last Monday to 23:59:59 last Sunday

List: 20

The article required

  • Article should be original
  • At least 400 words
  • The full text is the aggregation of resources, will not be listed
  • Wash draft, marketing soft text, advertisement, plagiarism article does not make the list

Ranking algorithm

The top 20 creators whose initial driving force value of the week is < 20 because their driving force value is increased by publishing articles in the week

Note: The list will be checked manually, and the final display is subject to the page. The Nuggets have the final say on the list.

The prize list

Gold Jam has prepared a big prize for new writers

Please see the drawing list for the award of each issue

ranking The prize
Dig Jin Wei garment
Gold nugget enamel cup
Nugget notebook
Dig gold COINS
The nuggets stickers

Nugget sauce divulges secretly, nugget new periphery is making in, perhaps you are to get new periphery the first digger friend.

Look forward to seeing you on the board next week!

Ps: Can’t participate in the new writers’ selection of digging friends do not worry oh, digging plans to set sail soon, please dig a little wait.


Q: We haven’t published any articles in that week, but the historical articles have improved. Can we participate in the selection?

A: No, the boost must come from the article published that week

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