Digg is committed to encouraging professional individuals and technical teams in the digg community to continue to produce quality content and grow rapidly. Now in the first phase, we select the TOP 100 creators in the community, and set an example for the wider community of digg friends. We expect digg friends to better and more research technology in the technical field, output more quality content, while helping themselves and others to improve, but also can gain a lot.

The list is based on data

In Diggers, we use the diggability value to calculate a digger’s cumulative contribution to the community. The purpose of the cumulative contribution is to better reward the quality users, and also to help more diggers through the quality content they produce. Also known as Juejin Power or JP for short, you can see it on your personal page.

The value of the driving force value

  1. The number of posts you post will be affected by the number of posts you post. Content produced by active users with high number of posts will be recommended to more users

  2. As more and more of your friends consume content through attention, being featured and getting attention is a great way to increase your influence

  3. There are different permissions for the value of the dig, and as the value of the dig continues to increase, more and more features and permissions will be unlocked, allowing you to travel freely in the dig

How to calculate the value of digging force

The purpose of a digger value is to calculate the cumulative contribution of a digger, and the core purpose of the digger community is to share and learn valuable content, so it is directly related to the value of the content you share:


A user’s drive is the sum of the number of “reads divided by 100” and the number of “likes” of the column he produces.

One caveat

1. The drive value only calculates the user's column in the nuggets, i.e. the content data written in the nuggets 2. 3. If the author deletes his column, the corresponding drive value will be deducted, but the permissions already obtained will not be revokedCopy the code

Therefore, the November 2020 driving force ranking is mainly sorted by the increase in driving force, which can more comprehensively reflect the activity of the author in the community and the contribution to the community.

List incentives

  1. Each of the top 3 will get a set of peripheral gift package + yueying’s signature entity ranking certificate
  2. Each of the top 10 players will get a gold enamel cup + a certificate of physical ranking signed by Moon Shadow
  3. Each of the top 100 authors will receive a 50% discount coupon code for the Nugget booklet + physical ranking certificate + exclusive ranking poster. 4. Please contact Captain for the promo code +V: 229199157.

List rules:

1. Selection scope

All creators who published original articles in nuggets that month and did not violate any rules.

2. List selection cycle

The statistical period is natural month, and the list of the last month will be published before the 10th day of each month (postponed during holidays).

Data collection time: 00:00 on 1st of last month to 24:00 at the end of last month

3. Dimension of ranking

The selection of the list is based on the quality of content, the number of posts in this month, and the driving force of this month’s increase due to creation.

Among them, the main measurement index of content quality is the number of likes and the number of reading, that is, the increased driving force of this article; Number of articles published in this month = Number of articles recommended in this month.


  • Monthly list selection creators need to meet the statistical cycle within the recommended original article this condition can participate.

  • This list of original articles by authors does not include simple interviews, collections, or introductory articles.

4. The list will be checked manually, and the final result will be subject to the page display.

The list is published:

ranking The user name Personal home page Gets the number of recommended articles
1 Tan Guangzhi https://juejin\.cn/user/1433418893103645 16
2 The elder brother of the Po https://juejin\.cn/user/764915822103079 5
3 Implicit in winter https://juejin\.cn/user/1908407914208583 15
4 Xu Xiaoxi https://juejin\.cn/user/3808363978429613 6
5 Big man to do the full stack https://juejin\.cn/user/2955079655898093 7
6 jsliang https://juejin\.cn/user/3403743728515246 30
7 Snail old wet _ saint https://juejin\.cn/user/1556564194370270 6
8 Hangzhou programmer Zhang Zhang https://juejin\.cn/user/289926798645575 16
9 Industrial cluster https://juejin\.cn/user/2664871913078168 3
10 Solomon_ Xiao Ge play architecture https://juejin\.cn/user/1758846118264974 17
11 ChanningHyl 🙌 https://juejin\.cn/user/2101921963839678 2
12 Alibaba tao department of technology https://juejin\.cn/user/395479919373991 12
13 Blue autumn wind https://juejin\.cn/user/923245497557111 2
14 TianTianUp https://juejin\.cn/user/2348212569517645 2
15 Pear incense https://juejin\.cn/user/650530414137534 2
16 Small Mac https://juejin\.cn/user/3509296845576504 7
17 The world of mortals refined heart https://juejin\.cn/user/254742429175352 7
18 XL, https://juejin\.cn/user/3113449536099437 2
19 The whole stack uncle https://juejin\.cn/user/1978776660216136 5
20 MacroZheng https://juejin\.cn/user/958429871749192 6
21 Programmers cxuan https://juejin\.cn/user/2101921964109880 7
22 The elder brother of the tadpole https://juejin\.cn/user/2629687542294462 1
23 I was 13 https://juejin\.cn/user/3808363978174302 3
24 Little sister smell https://juejin\.cn/user/2119514117904295 10
25 Netease Cloud Music front-end team https://juejin\.cn/user/4265760847567016 4
26 The front-end impression https://juejin\.cn/user/1336628107814488 4
27 AoBing https://juejin\.cn/user/4406498333825357 2
28 Reading front end team https://juejin\.cn/user/4072246798980567 1
29 On the arrow https://juejin\.cn/user/3122268753634541 2
30 Actron classroom front-end technology sharing https://juejin\.cn/user/544984432649511 12
31 Mr_ easy https://juejin\.cn/user/2400989124769774 6
32 For Obama https://juejin\.cn/user/3491704662669469 2
33 Orange s https://juejin\.cn/user/1204720472957118 2
34 Grasp the heart say TM https://juejin\.cn/user/2137106333043070 3
35 Insert the leap soil of 猹 https://juejin\.cn/user/852876753640477 5
36 Front phuket Island https://juejin\.cn/user/342703359661944 3
37 Zhengcai Cloud front end team https://juejin\.cn/user/3456520257288974 8
38 Peng ugly https://juejin\.cn/user/1063982987230392 7
39 Silence reigned two https://juejin\.cn/user/958429870690413 7
40 Gopal https://juejin\.cn/user/3913917123796088 2
41 Son ground https://juejin\.cn/user/3227821870163176 1
42 The wind could stay https://juejin\.cn/user/606586151899166 3
43 Efox https://juejin\.cn/user/483440843559406 10
44 Black teeth _ https://juejin\.cn/user/4230576477045720 1
45 The horse said https://juejin\.cn/user/835284568143799 8
46 Programmer Gray https://juejin\.cn/user/2137106333828663 6
47 Yang Village long https://juejin\.cn/user/325111174926350 2
48 The front of pure https://juejin\.cn/user/1486195449403614 4
49 Front end little black https://juejin\.cn/user/1574156381464920 1
50 A little boy picking up snails https://juejin\.cn/user/1451011080727639 2
51 Yang walk https://juejin\.cn/user/3896324938277646 1
52 Technology to ramble https://juejin\.cn/user/1451011080718557 6
53 Yi Yi again again https://juejin\.cn/user/2418581313189326 1
54 Henrylulu https://juejin\.cn/user/1046390798562589 1
55 Vivo Internet Technology https://juejin\.cn/user/993614243303053 13
56 Alibaba Cloud Native https://juejin\.cn/user/3808363977648493 28
57 Dime technology https://juejin\.cn/user/307518986264109 25
58 sharkui https://juejin\.cn/user/782508009724749 18
59 Meituan technical team https://juejin\.cn/user/3509296845313741 7
60 Rosie’s Thoughts https://juejin\.cn/user/351470467691175 33
61 The willows https://juejin\.cn/user/2823201592973527 6
62 HollisChuang https://juejin\.cn/user/712139234346894 3
63 A small wooden cases https://juejin\.cn/user/2752832844861800 11
64 Up&up https://juejin\.cn/user/606586151115390 2
65 @ baby zhang https://juejin\.cn/user/835284568913896 2
66 _ clear the wind https://juejin\.cn/user/2612095357817640 3
67 IT Pei elder brother https://juejin\.cn/user/245918801072814 4
68 bigsai https://juejin\.cn/user/2612095359125182 6
69 Male elder brother 666 https://juejin\.cn/user/2181057408406430 5
70 Front end development Marge https://juejin\.cn/user/1380642337084974 18
71 The architect who loves to laugh https://juejin\.cn/user/3500462825546958 7
72 Sivo ENOW big front end https://juejin\.cn/user/3940246036687527 3
73 cscw https://juejin\.cn/user/4406498336190638 2
74 Jd Design Center JDC https://juejin\.cn/user/3949101495616919 1
75 Java stop t https://juejin\.cn/user/2110693684817070 15
76 Amazing programmer https://juejin\.cn/user/3984285870859614 4
77 Ice river _ https://juejin\.cn/user/3139860942303527 17
78 Idle fish technology https://juejin\.cn/user/1257497031878408 7
79 According to technology https://juejin\.cn/user/3702810893364350 4
80 Square stool set, https://juejin\.cn/user/114004940300909 4
81 Xiao front-end https://juejin\.cn/user/1327865776581463 7
82 Bezier https://juejin\.cn/user/2629687546479742 2
83 Null boy https://juejin\.cn/user/3069492193407006 1
84 Code ape technology column https://juejin\.cn/user/2506542244708072 10
85 Lee CHENGXI https://juejin\.cn/user/4054654616079032 1
86 Night rain https://juejin\.cn/user/1222312660580455 1
87 Liu Wangshu https://juejin\.cn/user/3016715635792974 2
88 The front end little wisdom https://juejin\.cn/user/2330620350435501 4
89 Month with the flying fish https://juejin\.cn/user/2946346892396120 6
90 I’m not an alien https://juejin\.cn/user/2418581313687390 2
91 Hand tore red black tree https://juejin\.cn/user/2893570337421646 3
92 Programmer needs work https://juejin\.cn/user/993614241734270 3
93 Zhang Feng Jie te Li https://juejin\.cn/user/149189281194766 1
94 Siberian cocklebur uncle https://juejin\.cn/user/1943592291284477 6
95 Taoye https://juejin\.cn/user/2999123453943021 11
96 Jimmy https://juejin\.cn/user/1996368846261294 3
97 Web front end strict selection https://juejin\.cn/user/2735240661707479 2
98 Convex laboratory https://juejin\.cn/user/1134351699149854 9
99 Five in efforts to https://juejin\.cn/user/2603275500399470 3
100 Ssh_ Dream at dawn https://juejin\.cn/user/2330620350708823 1

Way to Claim prize

1. Please make sure to add a letter: 229199157 to get relevant e-cert, poster and other rewards.

2. All listed authors should fill in the questionnaire and register the address of the prize within 5 working days. Note that the recipient must have a real name. Questionnaire: wj.qq.com/s2/7441181/…

3. The final interpretation right of this list belongs to the nugget community.


The new author list has officially launched

The weekly list of excellent articles is coming!

Excavation Project – Technical Topics:

  • 🏆 technology project phase I chat | Deno some thing
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  • 🏆 technology project phase iii | data visualization of those things
  • 🏆 technology project stage 4 | about the front end of those things
  • Chat 🏆 technology project stage v | distributed those things
  • 🏆 technology project | 6 React17 changes
  • 🏆 technology project issue 7 | everything can Serverless follow-on there will be more wonderful waiting for you! Come on ⛽️ Fellow diggers