With the acceleration of digital transformation and upgrading, enterprises’ demand for product quality management continues to expand. On the one hand, it is the exploration and practice of software testing services in more industries, on the other hand, it is the continuous iteration and upgrading of industry demands. To a certain extent, higher standard requirements are put forward for product quality service.

As the leading cloud quality service provider in the industry, Tencent Wetest not only innovated and upgraded the whole line of products of the platform based on the development and change of the industry, but also launched a number of new functional services to solve the increasingly diversified and complicated pain points in different industries and fields, and helped improve the quality of products in multiple dimensions.

Continue to bring forth the new, follow the technological progress and market changes, which is also the strongest way of Tencent Wetest.

All products will be available on the new platform on June 18, 2021, so let’s focus on the new features.

Accelerate the “new infrastructure” and unleash new growth drivers for businesses

In the process of deepening industrial digitalization, 5G, artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies are bringing new value space to the industrial field. In 2020, China’s investment in new key areas of infrastructure will reach about 1 trillion yuan [1]. New infrastructure includes both hardware equipment and software services. As an essential part of the digital transformation of an enterprise, the quality of software often determines the efficiency of the digital transformation of an enterprise.

Tencent Wetest, as an innovative software system test platform, is a means to guarantee the quality of software products and information systems, and also an important driving force in the process of new digital infrastructure. Tencent Wetest platform can release new driving forces for enterprises and bring more value to users.

Different from traditional testing, Tencent Wetest platform has three advantages: on the one hand, Tencent Wetest platform provides thousands of real mobile phones, saving high equipment costs and perfectly solving the problem of mobile terminal fragmentation; At the same time, automated test scripts greatly shorten the test time, less manpower; In addition, Tencent Wetest platform is not limited by region and time, and enterprises can submit testing tasks at any time and place, which is more in line with the value goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency of enterprises.

The Tencent Wetest platform has been comprehensively upgraded, which not only improves the technical ability from the hard power, but also further improves the service level, and presses the “acceleration key” for the improvement of product quality.

In terms of infrastructure, Tencent Wetest platform upgrades a series of computer room network and mobile phone power supply mode to make the test more stable.

At the product and service level, the remote real machine debugging and standard compatibility testing two services have been upgraded, real machine debugging provides more comprehensive coverage of equipment models, more high-quality clear picture, more smooth and convenient operation. The underlying capabilities of the standards-compliant service have been comprehensively upgraded to support intelligent traversal of games (based on deep learning models) and applications (based on controls), and the scene coverage has increased by about 30% compared to the original service.

The newly launched automated compatibility test of Tencent Wetest platform can record the whole process of the test, provide screenshots, performance data, analysis logs and other data of the whole process, and comprehensively display the test results in the report to help users quickly locate product problems.

With the deepening of the new infrastructure process, Tencent Wetest platform will penetrate into many fields of the new infrastructure digital transformation, covering many industries and scenes such as finance, games, video, etc., and provide professional services for many industries at home and abroad.

New capabilities come online and old schemes are upgraded

An epidemic in 2020 led to the rapid growth of online businesses, but also put forward higher requirements for the stability of IT systems in the fields of finance, retail and telecommunications. In addition to hardware deployment, network communication and application architecture, it is more necessary to control and guarantee platform system and server performance, which requires finding performance bottlenecks and obtaining effective solutions through means such as full-link compression test, capacity compression test and evaluation.

As a full-link server performance test platform, the newly launched Wetest Test Master has millions of levels of concurrency, distributed pressure sources, flexible construction of pressure test scene links, one-click view of performance indicators, and low threshold for use. Wetest compression master can simulate massive real business scenarios in e-commerce and games, provide full-link compression test for enterprises, quickly locate performance bottlenecks and provide optimization proposals.

The newly launched UQM user quality management, as a professional game client performance and abnormal monitoring and analysis platform, provides all-round quality monitoring, data analysis, business insight services for different stages of the full life cycle of the game, such as development, operation, iteration, etc. Comprehensive support mobile, PC, the host side, support the minimalist access Unity, Unreal and other mainstream game engine, with the aid of the performance of the depth data analysis, insight to locate the real players in the game crash appeared in the process of experience, caton, quality problems, such as fever, flash back, ANR for game team provide hardware enterprise data statistical analysis, To assist in the decision-making of the future development direction of game business and improve the quality of the game.

The new PerfDog Service is a suite of performance Service components that can be deployed to local/cloud machines without intruders and automatically adapt to a wide range of application types and major automation frameworks. Enterprises can redevelop PerfDog Service components for automated performance testing services and cloud testing services.

In the traditional software development, version iteration process, enterprises need to invest a lot of manpower, to carry out performance testing, high cost not to say, the test efficiency is very low. Not only that, due to the lack of client testing ability, some enterprises often fail to perform performance testing and analysis, such as IOS; Android testing is not accurate, unstable and other practical testing problems.

Wetest’s PerfDog Service performance component can help enterprises build their own performance cloud platform, quickly build local performance monitoring, automated cloud testing services, custom Web-side data Kanban and other capabilities, and provide core technical support and automated performance solutions. In addition, due to the integration of multi-platform performance acquisition and technical capabilities, performance test indicators more professional depth, for enterprises to quickly complete the client performance test.

With the popularization and application of digital currency, mobile payment and other technologies, finance, retail and other fields are accelerating the pace of “online services”. All kinds of small programs have become important digital tools in many industries due to their strong user experience, low development threshold and fast online iteration.

Small program market size and the number of users continue to grow, small program vulnerability attacks, data leakage, copycat counterfeiting and other security issues are gradually increasing, Wetest small program security service arises at the right moment.

Based on years of security business practice, the Tencent Wetest small program security scheme upgrade, for different small program business scenarios to provide a full range of security solutions including small program security reinforcement, small program security scanning, small program security escort for customers. Through analyzing the counterfeiting program, mining the risk vulnerability, protecting the core code and other methods to protect the small program business security, data security, reduce the customer business risk and capital loss. More and more small program developers know that strengthening the native security ability of small programs is the only way to promote the application and development of small programs, and WETEST small program security service is the “guardian” on this road.

In view of mobile game, the upgrade plan also includes mobile safety. Wetest provides four mobile game security solutions, connects with Tencent security testing experts, and ensures product safety in multiple dimensions.

Through mobile game down hole testing, penetration testing, the plugin, security reinforcement, such as custom service, help you to automatically detect the server vulnerabilities, reveal early game external risks, testing support a variety of mainstream engine at the same time, the depth of the protection game resource file, cover the multidimensional security such as agreement, memory, script, satisfy the user’s game security requirements, Improve the quality and stability of mobile game security service testing.

Customized solutions to enhance industry competitiveness

The acceleration of digital transformation has given birth to the development of many new business forms and models. How to integrate online and offline data and use big data precipitation to drive business growth has become the focus of attention. At the same time, many enterprises have adopted agile, DevOps, cloud computing, etc. to respond to rapidly changing requirements. Product quality management also requires more cutting-edge technical capabilities to match more complex business requirements.

With years of industry experience and rich business scenarios, Tencent Wetest has launched a number of solutions with industry characteristics. By continuously deepening the industrial layout, we will further improve the value and effectiveness of product quality management services in the digital transformation, so that the R&D efficiency in different industries can be improved.

Test core technology privatization solutions

In the field of private cloud, Tencent Wetest privatizes the six core capabilities of Tencent test technology, redesigned and developed for the financial, government and other industry customers who cannot use the extranet SaaS service due to the security and compliance requirements, and all of them have passed the advanced level evaluation of DevOps solution (tool category) of China Telecommunications Institute. To provide customers with professional test core technology privatization solutions.

Smart retail solutions

In the field of smart retail, Tencent Wetest provides a full set of retail quality solutions in terms of performance optimization, security protection and other dimensions for the retail industry. Combined with the unique advantages of Tencent Wetest pressure testing master and Wetest small program security solutions, It can effectively solve many pain points such as system performance bottleneck, false marketing flow, data asset leakage and so on in the process of digitalization and intelligent transformation of traditional retail brands. Starting from the core pain points, it provides comprehensive protection from the small program release to the data-oriented operation process for the majority of retail brands, escort the stable operation of the core system and the effective transformation of business flow, and help the healthy growth of the brand.

Game life cycle solutions

In the field of games, Tencent Wetest provides one-stop solutions for game performance analysis, anomaly analysis, network monitoring and other services for the game industry. We provide a full range of capabilities from local R&D tools to online big data analysis and customized expert reports for performance and quality issues in the whole life cycle of games to accurately solve the industry pain points that affect the “unusable” to “unusable” games.

The integrated solution launched by Tencent Wetest can solve the problem of high user cost and difficult to directly generate business value. Through professional and scenario-oriented customization, users can focus on specific scenarios, solve business pain points more efficiently in the case of limited resources, and enhance industry competitiveness.

Efficient project management, expand the effectiveness of R&D

In the process of digital transformation, projects often face the situation of constant iteration, so project development and management must be stable and efficient. Internally, the efficiency and stability of project management will be directly affected by the convenience of project team interaction and the efficiency of operation experience. Externally, how to conduct agile collaborative management across departments and enterprises will increasingly become the key to improve the efficiency of project research and development.

With the increasingly rich new functions and services of Tencent Wetest, the new version of the console ushered in a major experience upgrade, making development project management more stable, agile and efficient.

Starting from actual business scenarios, the new console helps users quickly build a safe and convenient project management system, and easily handle cross-department and cross-enterprise team collaboration through flexible authority control. At the same time, the platform provides various testing tools, covering safety tests, compatibility test, multiple aspects, such as cloud mobile phone users quickly facilitate access to and summary of the test report, problem summary, data statistics, etc., for easy to fit in quickly grasp the project data analysis, operational resources, limit use, defects, such as content, effectively reduce the project risk.

The new console truly achieves “internal and external repair”, further guarantees the efficient operation of the project in Tencent Wetest platform, and improves the efficiency of research and development.


With the rapid development of Internet technology and the ever-changing market demand, the field of product quality service has been transformed from the “new business form” to the “new normal”. With the launch of the new functions of Tencent Wetest platform, Tencent Wetest will further play its advantages in product quality assurance services. In the future, Tencent Wetest will continue to optimize and innovate, make continuous progress in products and services, and continue to enable the product quality of the industry.

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[1] CCID Research Institute, Tencent Cloud and Tencent Research Institute jointly compiled and published the white paper “New Infrastructure Leading Industrial Internet Development, New Infrastructure, New Elements, New Services and New Ecology”