In my spare time, I also occasionally look at the chat information in the QQ communication group. Recently, I found that many IOSers in the group are discussing iOS is not as good as before, and self-deprecating that no one will take the IOS position.

Some people joke that iOS is not working, and I can’t get a high salary because of the inner scroll. Some people say that it’s not iOS that’s not working, but we limit our technology development.

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Small! The pattern is small!

It’s not just iOS development right now.

Why care so much about what others think? Gold will always shine, don’t always take escape to do your shield!

Let’s take a look at how do you evaluate the iOS market in recent years?

The answer is that there is a shortage of top talents in any industry. However, if you are an iOS developer, I would recommend that you learn more about the bottom rung, either from a career change perspective or from a personal development perspective. Do not believe the words, you go to the recruitment website IOS senior engineer’s treatment, that will not deceive people.

So what are iOS advanced developers asking these days?

This topic is probably most iOS development, before the interview, one of the most discussed, all want to know the latest interview situation, do a better preparation, the following is a small series of technical points collected summary +** interview question classification; See if you’ve got it all figured out?

Key Summary – Four Categories:

  • The underlying principles of iOS
  • Performance tuning and architecture
  • Multithreading, network
  • Data structure algorithm

The underlying principles of iOS (must ask) :

IOS development necessary ability, is also one of the rapid selection of talent interview way.

  • Object Base Principle
  • Pointers with some memory related interviews
  • WeakA weak reference
  • BlockThe principle of
  • AutoreleasePoolThe principle of
  • RunloopThe principle of
  • RuntimeRelated, message forwarding principle….
  • componentization

Examples of common questions:

1\. When is the weak keyword used? What is the difference between assign and weak?

Performance optimization and architecture capabilities:

At present, Dachang attaches great importance to this area.

  • Performance optimization:The optimization of tableView -> Interface Caton Principle -> App Performance Analysis -> Project optimization
  • ② Architecture: design pattern, decoupling means, componentization….

Examples of common questions:

1\. What are the reasons for the tableView stalling?

Multi-threading, network capability:

IOS advanced development, should understand, and familiar with the knowledge points;

  • The principle of multithreading
  • The thread pool
  • GCD
  • Lock correlation principle
  • Network design
  • Understanding of the network framework
  • Some requirements in the development process are combined with multithreading or network design!

Examples of common questions:

1. Processes and Threads?

Data structure algorithm capacity is relatively large:

Usually large companies will have some written tests: although not the core position for the data structure algorithm is not very strict, but there will be some general data structure and algorithm questions

  • The sorting
  • Data structure design
  • Complexity discussion
  • Some brain teaser algorithm problems
  • .

Examples of common questions:

1\. What is the difference between a linked list and an array? What is the time complexity of insert and query respectively?

So how do you become the top 10% of developers?Although it is said that iOS development is easy to get started, one line of code, a notebook, but the real use of iOS development for senior project writing, as well as job-hopping to get a high salary, is not so easy. Because most people in the iOS development industry have encountered several dilemmas:

Want to pay? Want to change? Please don’t tease in your heart;

Xiaobian all know, all know;

Ever wonder why you’re not in the top 10% of developers? Why do others get high salaries?

To use the old saying here:

Don’t only see the success of others, to see the hardships behind others

The iOS development market is not good, but it is by no means bad, technical ability is enough interview is also a lot, do not encourage or oppose others into the iOS, but if you want to do, do not have a happy lazy psychology, should learn to learn.

Phase to recommend

3. IOS job recruitment standards are rising, and iOS programmers say it’s too hard to interview

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