New week, check out what happened last week!

Anecdotes of science and technology

1. Run native Linux on an M1 Mac

The M1 Mac now runs native Linux without a hitch. An Alpha version of The Asahi Linux project, built for Apple’s own chips, has been released. Linux is faster than macOS for running certain programs on exactly the same hardware!

The first public alpha version of Asahi Linux has been released on the official blogging platform for developers and power users with OTA upgrade support.

To install Asahi Linux, the following requirements must be met:

  • M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max computers (except Mac Studio)
  • MacOS 12.3 or later, log in as an administrator
  • Have at least 53GB of available disk space (desktop installation). The Asahi Linux Desktop requires 15GB, but the installer keeps an additional 38GB of disk space in macOS to avoid breaking macOS updates.
  • Connect to the Internet and the installer will download 700MB to 4GB of data.

Asahi Linux website:

Update the Courier

1. Node.js V12.22.12 (LTS) released

On April 5, Node.js V12.22.12 (LTS) was released, which is the final version of Node.js 12. Node.js 12 will reach end-of-life status on April 30, 2022 and will not receive updates after that. Node.js strongly recommends migrating your application to Node.js 16 or 14 (both long Term Support (LTS) versions) in order to continue receiving future security updates after April 30, 2022.

Updated details:…

2. TypeScript 4.7 Beta is available

The first Beta release of TypeScript 4.7 was released on April 8. The beta version can be used with the following command:

npm install typescript@beta
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New features in TypeScript 4.7 include:

  • ECMAScript module support in Node.js;
  • Module detection and control;
  • Control flow analysis of calculated attributes;
  • Enhanced in-object function type derivation;
  • Introducing instantiation expressions;
  • Extends constraint of the infer keyword;
  • Type parameters provide optional Variance annotations;
  • # Typeof support on private fields;
  • Custom module resolution strategy;
  • Module resolution strategy;
  • Organization optimization of import statements;
  • Object method.

Update details:…

Trend of open source

Here’s a look at some of the hottest front-end projects on Github last week.

1. appsmith

Appsmith is a low-code project for building administrative panels, internal tools, and dashboards. Any data source can be converted into an internal application in minutes. Appsmith can build pages using drag-and-drop UI components, connect to any API, database, or GraphQL source, and write logic using JavaScript objects.

Star ⭐ : 14.8 k

This week Star⭐️ : 1220…

2. developer-roadmap

Developer-roadmap is a developer roadmap, It includes the front-end road map, back-end road map, DevOps Road map, React Road map, Angular Road map, Android Road map, Python Road map, Go Road map, Java Road map, DBA Road map.

Star ⭐ : 191 k

This week Star⭐️ : 933…

3. hackathon-starter

Hackathon-starter is a prototype of a Node.js Web application.

Star ⭐ : 33.2 k

This week Star⭐️ : 504…

4. redwood

A full-stack, multi-client JavaScript framework based on React, GraphQL, and Prisma.

Star ⭐ : 11.9 k

This week Star⭐️ : 428…

5. excalidraw

Excalidraw is a virtual whiteboard for sketching and supports a variety of graphics templates.

Star ⭐ : 28.4 k

This week Star⭐️ : 328…

Tools recommended

Here are some good front-end tools to use.

1. Link-to-qr

Link-to-qr is a free website QR code generator.


Screen. guru is an online tool that takes screen shots of websites. screen. The guru /

3. 3D Book Image CSS Generator

3D Book Image CSS Generator is an online tool for quickly and easily creating 3D Book covers and applying them to websites. 3 dbook. Xyz /

4. Vscode Dev

VS Code Dev is a lightweight VERSION of Microsoft VS Code that runs in the browser. vscode. Dev /

5. transition.css

Transition can be used to generate Transition animations, and it also provides a predefined set of animations to choose from.


6. Glass UI

Glass UI is a free CSS generator based on the GlassMorphism design specification that can be used to quickly design and customize style properties. UI. Glass/generator /

7. Type Scale

Type Scale is an online tool that allows users to display text sizes to Scale. Built in a variety of Scale options, users can change through the Scale option, with real-time preview, easy and convenient.

8. Browser frame

Browser Frame is the easiest way to take screenshots in different Browser frames. It supports multiple browsers, operating systems, and themes.

9. Blob generator

Blob Generator can create complex shapes for web pages using SVG editing. We just need to change the supplied properties and the code will be generated automatically.

10. CSS Value

CSS Value makes it easy to determine the Value of a CSS property.