The result of my fall trick

Since I got the target offer set at the very beginning of autumn recruitment, I did not make overseas investment, but chose to deliver. Generally speaking, there are not many companies that have invested, but all of them have received offers, including Baidu, Bytedance, Huawei, netease, Pindoduo, JINGdong, Xiaomi, Qunar, Keep and Youzan. Almost all of them are SP or SSP offers, and the highest annual salary is 50W.

My autumn recruitment experience


(1) Preparation

Don’t say tomorrow, say now!

Autumn recruit the best preparation time is from began to get the internship offer, many students got a good offer for, when the internship is flying self, this is very wrong, in contrast, although some students for the result is not very ideal, like me, I was for only got iQIYI an offer), However, during the internship, I kept learning and making progress. Finally, I made great progress in autumn recruitment. So I suggest that autumn recruitment preparation must be as early as possible!

(2) Autumn recruitment process

Batch in advance

Many companies have set up batch in advance, and most will not affect the formal autumn, so early is a good chance for you to try before fall for warm-up, also is the best time to 20 (every interview are bombarded the whole knowledge system is for you, every time a good summary after the interview, knowledge of the castle is added a bulwark), so be sure to grasp the pre-selection of opportunity, Approval ahead of schedule generally speaking will be opened at the beginning of July, some companies even opened in June, so during the internship, pay attention to!

Formal autumn recruit

After the official start of autumn recruitment, I suggest that the delivery time is early to mid-stage delivery, because at this time there will be some interviews about the company to share, you can feel the company’s interview routine and direction, do some targeted preparation.

Make-up and spring recruitment

Make-up and spring recruitment sometimes have some “preferential policies”, such as exemption of written test, so students who fail to get the offer of the company they want in autumn recruitment should not miss it.

Generally around October, because some students reject the offer, some companies will be vacant, at this time some companies will carry out a round of recruitment, at this time we should pay attention to the recruitment information, always prepared.

In addition, in the next spring, many companies have spring recruitment, including BATTMD, which is the last chance to enter a big factory.


(1) Template

At that time, I used the platform of 500d, in addition, I also downloaded a lot of templates from the Internet, which can be obtained at the end of the article. Finally, I also used Markdow to write a version of my resume, which was quite convenient. Markdown’s grammar isn’t hard, either. It takes an hour to master it. It is also recommended.

(2) Content

Contact information and job objective

Contact Information The objective should be placed in the top left corner (left and right format) and the top (top and bottom format) for HR or interviewers to contact.

Professional skills

Professional skills must be careful, do not write anything up, if you are not particularly confident, try not to use “proficient” and “familiar with” and other words, generally write understanding can.


Write the project from top to bottom in the order you most want to be asked, and do not list the list, such as “developed XXX project, function XXX, using Redis, Zookeeper, Kafka components”, preferably “use XXX technology, solve XXX problems” format, For example, “Kafka, the messaging middleware, is used for peak limiting, and Redis is used as the cache to relieve the pressure on the database”.


Internship I suggest on a more prominent position, in the autumn recruit a good internship or more points (proof for approval once had been made, and reputation will be better), and other project description, I suggest is to “involved in the project XXX, XXX improved his ability to the format of” describe your internship, Show what progress you made through the internship.

Recruitment information

Recruitment information can be obtained through the following three channels:


In my autumn recruitment, I got most of the recruitment information from niuke. Resume delivery priority is given to internal push, bovine guest has a lot of company employees internal push, internal push benefits are obvious: resume priority is dealt with, some direct group direct push, response is very fast, in addition to the degree of internal push can be directly asked, do not have to wait for the results of their own anxious.

(2) Official website

For your favorite company, be sure to pay close attention to the official website.

(3) Public account

Interconnection party, interconnection biaoju, etc., many public numbers to spring recruitment/autumn recruitment, will sort out the corresponding recruitment information.

The knowledge system

The next step is the final dry goods. The following is my summary of the knowledge points for each section. Each section has recommended must-read books. Generally speaking, it is enough to thoroughly understand the recommended books.

1. Computer networks

Reading books: Illustrated HTTP, Illustrated TCP/IP, Detailed TCP/IP Volume 1

2. The database

Read books: High Performance mysql

3. The algorithm

Read books: “Sword finger Offer” this book should be the basis, try to each question can handwritten sword finger offer exercises

“Programmer code interview guide IT famous enterprise algorithm and data structure problem optimal solution” left god’s book sorted out a lot of high quality problem solution, the whole book is thicker, you can pick some key topics to see. Binary search and extension of the topic, quick row, heap row, bubble sort, direct selection, insertion sort, merge sort and other sorting algorithms, tree traversal is often interview questions, must be able to smoothly write out, and can analyze and compare the complexity of each algorithm. Dynamic planning and greed are essential questions in the written test. It is suggested to brush these two topics in Leetcode. It is suggested that you should brush several leetcode questions every day in the whole autumn recruitment phase, because the algorithm is very touching.

4. Data structure

Reading Book: Data Structures (Weimin Yan)

5. Operating system

Read: The Art of Linux Kernel Design

6. Java Reading books: Java Programming Ideas, Java Concurrent Programming Practice, In-depth Understanding of Java Virtual Machine, Java 8 Practice, Spring Practice, See Through Spring MVC Basic concepts

The container





Linux Shell Script Guide

Head First Design Mode

7. Big data

Teach you how to kill quickly: 99% of the massive data processing interview questions

Project 8.

The project is divided into two aspects:

(1) practice project practice, should not only focus on doing the project, should also pay attention to other colleagues in the group work, met what problem, intern work actually most are simple, and even “crew”, so pay attention to other colleagues problems, actively participate in the discussion, internalizes for own experience, can be used as a highlight of the project.

The key to personal projects is to try to do them yourself! Many students find open source projects on the Internet or take notes after watching an instructional video and feel like they know what they’re doing. In fact, the interviewer will know after a few words that you didn’t write the project yourself. So I recommend doing it automatically. As for the suggestions of the project, most students choose as follows: 1. The video of the Dark horse; 2. The project of the Leaf God (the video of the God of leaf is more recommended for 1 and 2, because the video of the dark horse is a little too miscellaneous and has too much content). My advice is to put at least two projects on your resume. Interviews will probably only ask you about one, so put your most confident projects first. In addition, the project must prepare one or two highlights, some students may say: my project has no highlights, just use some technology, call some libraries ah, what highlights. In fact, the first highlight is what problem you solve with these techniques, and there are some common approaches, such as going to the JVM and finding out that the system has a serious periodic timeout, and then going through a series of JVM commands to find that gc is the cause, and then changing the garbage collection parameters to make the system stable, etc. These in the “In-depth understanding of the Java virtual machine” chapter 5 there are many cases, in fact, can go to their own projects, not become their own project highlights ~

Write at the end:

Autumn recruit road resistance and long, the mentality must be put, the mentality must be put, the mentality must be put!