The image above shows the simple way a browser works, using web pages to connect us to the web. It can open web pages on the network for us to read, entertain, work and so on.

Web page is based on browser development, development of simple web pages, we only need to master HTML, if you want to have a little style of the web page, also need to learn CSS, if you also want to do some interaction or display dynamic data and other functions, but also need to master Javascript. That is:

HTML + CSS + Javascript = a nice and useful web page

Before we get started, what is a browser? A new computer inside, we will find win10 built-in browser Edge, is like the following:This software is developed by Microsoft and comes pre-installed in Windows. I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered this, but there are times when we need to use a particular web site, we need to use a particular browser. For example, for some functions of the school website, the teacher will say that you need to download Google Browser or a browser above IE8 to submit forms, and some websites can only be opened with UC browser, etc. So, not all browsers are the same. Different browsers are produced by different manufacturers, such as chat tools, QQ is produced by Tencent, YY is produced by Huaduo Network Technology Co., LTD, etc. There are many chat tools, in addition to some listed below, there are many chat tools produced by other manufacturers:While they can be used for chatting, their function is somewhat different. The same is true of browsers, which are clients produced by various manufacturers for users to browse the web. Each manufacturer’s browser will also be updated.

History of browsers

A brief history of the browser A brief history of the browser over the last 20 years

Current Market Share by Browser (2020.8.16)

Baidu statistics

As you can see, Firefox has been relegated to other categories, but Chrome is the ultimate hegemon. From some aspects, it also tells us that if there is no achievement at present, don’t worry, don’t panic, settle yourself well, improve yourself with the vision of development, and finally no one knows who is the eldest brother!

Conclusion: browser is a client for users to connect to the network, web page is to show the content of the network to users and provide some specific functions.