The environment

  • Linux/Ubuntu20.04 LTS
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community Editon 2021.1
  • Smart Tomcat 3.8.5 plug-in
  • Tomcat8.5.68


  1. Download Tomcat installation package service,… , select the version you want to download, here is the version 8.5, choose to download the tar.gz (PGP, sha512) format compressed package.

  1. Go to the download directory, open the terminal, begin to unpack the downloaded package, and unpack it into /usr/local directory
lauiji@lauiji-IdeaPad-15sIML-2020:~/Downloads$sudo tar-zxvf apache-tomcat-8.5.68.tar.gz -c /usr/local
  1. Permission to modify the folder directory
lauiji@lauiji-IdeaPad-15sIML-2020:/usr/local$sudo chmod 755-r apache-tomcat-8.5.68/ [sudo] Lauiji's password:
  1. Install the Smart Tomcat plugin, use IDEA, open the File-> Settings -> Plugins -> Marketplace, search for the plugin, and install.

  1. Add run service, use IDEA, open File-> Settings, you can see the Tomcat Server underground, add just installed Tomcat8.0.

Tip: If the Tomcat directory does not have sufficient permissions, running the service will cause some files to be inaccessible and the service will fail!

  1. Add the run service to the project and edit the configuration file to change the port address if there are port conflicts

  1. If there is nothing wrong with the project, you can click and run
On July 4, 2021 10:11:35 afternoon org. Apache. Coyote. AbstractProtocol start information: Start protocol handling handle ["http-bio-8087"] July 04, 2021 10:11:35 afternoon org. Apache. Catalina. Startup. Catalina start information: http://localhost:8087/MSSH Server startup in 3811 ms

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