The year 2020 is a special year for UCloud. On January 20, the company officially landed on the science and innovation board, becoming the first cloud computing company listed on the science and innovation board in China. The epidemic has accelerated China’s digitization process; With the launch of the new infrastructure policy, cloud computing, as the base of 5G, industrial Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, has started the development engine again.

In the current of The Times, how to be a continuous innovator standing at the head of the tide? How to carry out differentiated market positioning and product innovation to create value for The Times and users. On October 23, 2020, the UCloud “Build • Create” Think in Cloud User Conference will be held in Chuangzhi World, Yangpu District, Shanghai. The conference will be live-streamed online simultaneously to discuss the construction of Cloud and create the future together.

Core products, comprehensive upgrade

To build a future-oriented cloud computing platform, the Kuaijie cloud host series of UCloud monster performance, the lightweight private cloud UCLoudStack that supports the heterogeneous compatibility of CIC, and the hybrid cloud from data center to network comprehensive customization will be comprehensively upgraded to show UCloud’s profound insight into user needs and the evolution and innovation of core products.

Open data, unlock value

Data becomes the fifth factor of production. Help government data open and sharing, enhance the value of social data resources, the safe house has been successfully applied to Xiamen big data security and open platform, Shanghai big data inclusive financial platform, Xiamen information experts will come to the scene, share the innovative application of government data open.

Science and technology, education progress

The upgrading of informatization industry in higher education opens a new era of wisdom education in higher education. In the TIC, teachers from Tongji University and East China Normal University Information Office will share how to use cloud computing to carry out research on practical training platform and unmanned car, and promote the new mode of integration of intelligent campus construction and production and education.

Open sharing, energy gathering ecology

Neutral UCloud, with the concept of “openness, cooperation and win-win”, will announce the eco-partnership cooperation plan. Open UCloud characteristic cloud products, high-quality customer resources, global coverage capacity, cloud computing as the cornerstone and base, comprehensive energy gathered from all sides of the industry chain, create the Internet of everything, to welcome the new digital era.