Life is all about opportunity. Are you ready for it when it comes?

Today, Lang would like to share with you a brave and independent person

And very good at seizing the opportunity to graduate from JAVA brother – brother Tan inspirational story.

(Photo taken at the Whitechapel in Helsinki, Finland)

Tan’s major: business administration

Graduated from: Sichuan Normal University

Current salary: EUR 42500 \ year, RMB 330,000 rounded

Company Involved: Headquarter of Finland Duitao Information Technology Co., Ltd

Tan said: After the work in Finland is stable and the living arrangements are in order, the only thing left is to handle immigration formalities for his wife and children. (Tan brother said this when Lang sister felt the full happiness of brother, congratulations brother!) Langmei believes that success is what it should be: a happy family, a good income and a promising future. I hope it will be helpful to share my experience with you.

Encounter lawo

The first time I came into contact with Longwo was not actually a training session. During the summer of college, I took a part-time job at Longwo. I was responsible for contacting students who wanted to know more about IT technology to visit the training base. In the process, I found that the students who graduated from Longwo were not only employed with high salary, but also had good teachers. Besides, I was also interested in computers, so I came up with the idea of participating in the training.

Choose lawo

However, it was only the summer vacation of my sophomore year, and I had to go back to school to finish my final study after my job ended. After going back to school, my heart was full of training. My friend advised me: “Why do you want to learn technology now? Isn’t it better to go after you graduate?” “You don’t have a foundation. You’re not good at math.”… . But for me, it was hard to stay in school. At that time, IT was the last semester. Instead of wasting a year’s time, I had better do something helpful for my future earlier. I also happened to be curious about and yearning for IT technology. After considering the decision to the school put forward a one-year suspension of application, to Longwo to participate in the practical training.

Photo (Photo Source: Resume of Brother Tan)

Another kind of “torment” at Longwo

Happy life is also the beginning of another kind of “suffering”

I am a person without any programming background. College entrance examination mathematics 49 points of liberal arts living. It was really hard for me to learn Java. Faced with daily project exercises and programming assignments, it is common to work late into the night at the beginning. I also take a plane for class (incomprehensible)… Every now and then I want to back off. It’s strange that I’m doing what I need to do at the same time. As the saying goes, “All things are difficult before they are easy, just don’t give up!” I’m glad I didn’t give up.

Although I was not one of the best students in the class, I gradually mastered the basic skills of Java programming and database by relying on my own patience, struggle and persistence, as well as the careful instruction of the teacher.

I am very grateful to the teachers at Longwo for their responsibility and patience, which enabled me to embark on the path of Java and enter the IT industry.

After Longhorn graduated

After studying in Longwo for 5 months, I graduated successfully and entered the enterprise. From the very beginning, I worked as a development engineer in Taiwan enterprises, small private enterprises, and then listed enterprises, American enterprises, Japanese enterprises and European enterprises. I have served Gome, Huawei, Ericsson and other well-known customers, and experienced the development of large and small projects.

(Photo source: Tan’s resume, part of the project experience)

In the IT industry, we all agree that “job-hopping will lead to a salary increase”! Facts show that I use their own experience to verify this sentence is really 100% right!

Now, with years of experience in senior development success from chengdu fold company transferred to the headquarters in Finland, at the same time get immigrant qualification (skilled immigrants), Finland, immigration, for a college students, the average family was born, was never in my life planning, but this is the choice has changed trajectory, I for Finland’s life, education, resources and is recognized, Not that I’m not patriotic, I’m Chinese everywhere I go.

As the main breadwinner of my family, creating a better life for my family is the primary consideration in my decision, and if I can realize my dream, it will be even better.

Brother Tan said, “Thank you for meeting Langwo, who gave me a new path in life.”

In the end, Lang Mei will continue to follow up and report the situation of brother Tan in the later period. Please look forward to the next time brother Tan will share with us more interesting things!