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How to become a professional front-end engineer?

How many holes must a front end engineer tread in order to be considered a professional front end engineer?

Industrial gathering of nuggets of AMA highlights

21 best questions and answers from the industry gathered at the Nuggets AMA.

JavaScript & Node.js

Play AST like jQuery

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Analyze Node processes and threads

Learn about Node processes and threads, their use at the code level, and their communication.

How the Daruk framework works

Xiaojue introduces the operation principle of Daruk, the framework of Node.js.


CSS Whimsy: Create art with CSS

This article mainly introduces how to use CSS-doodle, using CSS to quickly create beautiful CSS graphics.

Web animation FPS calculation

Several schemes for calculating FPS are listed

Deep reading

Deep exploration: the back-end of the front end

The author puts forward, “The so-called back-end in the front end is to further separate the front-end business logic partial to UI and the front-end business logic partial to data processing on the basis of the separation of the front and back ends. And this part of the function in charge of data processing is called the back-end in the front end.”

How to build a high-performance front-end intelligent reasoning engine

“As the market is the deepening of upgrading of aircraft and engine optimization, I believe TFJS will shine on more rich interaction scenarios, such as the ability with AI the front end of the game, AR, VR, etc. Now we are going to do is to calm down and standing on the shoulders of giants continue to finish our engine, such as flower.”

How to improve system availability?

“Pursue system of high availability, like a people the pursuit of health, throughout the entire software development team to adhere to the attitude of care for the software system, in the whole process of software development, to be vigilant, by improving the team in the three stages of engineering ability to timely discover and solve the problems existing in the system.”

Aging and barrier-free

Mobile phone accessibility for people with disabilities

The original title “What efforts should we make in barrier-free aspects to enable disabled friends to use mobile phones smoothly?” .

On the Internet/intelligent products “suitable for aging” thinking

“Ultimately, our goal in designing products is to give users the ability to enjoy life independently and freely.”

Seven points of thinking about the transformation of Internet products suitable for aging

Some thoughts on design details.

English reading

Tao of React

“The purpose of a software’s architecture and design is to keep it productive and flexible. Developers need to work on It effectively and modify it without company”

Making GitHub’s new homepage fast and performant

Check out how the Github home page has been optimized.

How to eliminate regular expression denial of service

Just did a related technology share last week

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