From June 5th to 6th, the “Cloud Intelligence ·DevOps Hackmarathon Challenge (2nd phase)” sponsored by Cloud Intelligence and co-organized by IDCF& Yingjie was held in the R&D center of Cloud Intelligence in Yanqiao. Wang Lijie, a senior lean and agile innovation expert, and Xu Lei, one of the top masters in DevOps field, served as the coach. Daniel Hu, head of Cloud Intelligence SaaS R&D Center, made an opening speech as a special guest. Neeke, general manager of Cloud Intelligence Zhengzhou R&D Center, dropped into the scene as a mysterious giant to provide support and guidance for the participating teams.

Cloud Intelligence Group, founded in 2009, is a leading full-stack intelligent business operation and maintenance solution provider in China. With the mission of MAKE DIGITAL ONLINE, we are committed to enabling enterprises to continue their Digital transformation and improve IT operation efficiency through advanced products and technologies.

Cloud Wisdom focuses on the development and deep cultivation of the field of operation and maintenance, and is one of the national standard setting units of intelligent operation and maintenance. After years of independent research and development, the company has owned more than 80 patented technologies, formed a series of intelligent operation and maintenance products from ITOM to ITSM, and provided digital operation and maintenance system construction and full life cycle operation and maintenance management solutions for customers in dozens of industries such as finance, government, operators, energy, transportation, manufacturing, etc.

As a professional service provider of technical solutions, Cloud Wisdom attaches great importance to the training of research and development team, and invests a lot of training resources in research and development efficiency, team cooperation, technical innovation and other aspects. The DevOps Hackathon Challenge is the second edition of the event jointly organized by Cloud Intelligence and IDCF& Intrasoft.

Neeke, general manager of Zhengzhou R&D Center, said at the closing ceremony of the competition that the company plans to hold such professional challenges regularly in the future, so that each R&D team can truly understand Lean, Agile and DevOps, and bring the ideas, methods and technical skills back to the practical work, so as to better realize the improvement of R&D efficiency and technical ability.

Games excel

DevOps Hackathon is an end-to-end DevOps training initiated by several IDCF expert teachers. It combines learning, practice and competition in the form of a challenge, which is more beneficial to students’ understanding and application of DevOps knowledge and concepts.

This year’s DevOps Hackathon Challenge still simulated real business scenarios. Participants were divided into 6 teams and experienced the entire DevOps process within 36 hours, quickly identified user pain points, came up with business ideas and released the MVP of the smallest version, and set up the development pipeline on site.

In the competition, the contestants from Cloud Wisdom showed different wonderful performance:

  • Break the ice, break the ice. After playing the ball toss game and experiencing the agile spirit of teamwork and rapid iteration, the instructor introduced the agile principles: individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

  • The participating teams set up a transformation service company to bid for large orders of digital transformation.
  • When sorting out the product vision module of each team, it has already sounded the alarm of white-hot competition. There are a total of 6 teams participating in the competition, and five of them choose to set foot on the Yaofan track, which shows that “Yaoshigang needs”.

  • User story map, end-to-end sorting requirements, planning version release, “Forrest Pants” MVP caused the audience burst out laughing at the same time, let everyone have a more vivid and profound understanding and memory of MVP.

  • Set up Kanban Board for each team project in the Challenge to visualize the work progress and guide the team to self-manage and self-organize.
  • The team initiates the site meeting, synchronizes the project status, and solves the obstacles in time.
  • Line link battle situation stalemated, the fifth team after Zhengzhou R & D Center General Manager Neeke even played two injection chicken blood encouragement, from the “lie flat” state adjustment to the pursuit of excellence, the lateccomers on, the first three only one vote difference.
  • For the first time, the internal R&D pipeline of Cloud Intelligence was adopted in the competition. Jeff, the test architect, gave full power throughout the competition and provided full support before the competition. In addition to the required actions, the bonus points were also integrated with Cloud Intelligence’s own products for the first time.

  • Three mentors from IDCF community were all present, with an unprecedented lineup, and some mysterious masters parachute in to guide the team silently until the last moment. (We’ll find out who it is.)

  • The on-site bidding, the judges sitting in the audience, the on-site marking, sharp questions, nervous stimulation.

Awards announced

After two days and one night of efforts and pay, each team showed their potential, ability, explosive power, after fierce competition, the scene selected a number of awards.

Best Dark Horse Team: Group 1 [Qianbaidu]

The first group of students kept up with the tutor’s rhythm from the beginning to the end, devoted themselves to the whole process, kept asking questions through interaction, and actively practiced. Finally, they won the prize.

Best Assembly Line Award: Group 5 [Houlong Co., Ltd.]

Although we missed the “first release assembly line”, our team won the award of the best assembly line by their strong programming ability and fixed the bug.

(Bonus points for integrating Cloud Intelligence’s own products)

Best Creative Award: Group 3

The third group of students had a unique and attractive product vision and a clear product positioning, which won the favor of the judges in the bidding evaluation.

Best Dark Horse Spirit Award: Group 4 [Cloud Smart Technology Limited]

In all the physical strength and mental game links, cloud smart team by “senior people give advice”, the start to break the bamboo situation, scores far ahead, and finally through the efforts of the whole group, won the best spirit of the dark horse award. (The big guy is so mysterious that the team refers to him as “the teacher”. Until the last moment of the game, only to reveal the real identity, the original is the general manager of Zhengzhou R&D Center Neeke!)

Individual speaker, Daniel Hu

As expected, aged wine is the most delicious. In the bidding roadshow, Daniel Hu showed the achievements of the team in two days and one night, introduced the R&D process, structure, assembly line, measurement, quotation and other modules like a treasure, and finally demonstrated the MVP of the minimum version. The whole program control field was stable and the performance was perfect.

Celebrate the 6 participating teams, all successfully challenged!

Competitors’ Experience

During the interview after the competition, all participants and teams expressed their gains in the competition. Many students said that through this competition, they understood the way of agility and teamwork, that is, the workload needs to be evaluated by the smallest unit, and the workload can be dismantled according to the unit in order to achieve the optimal resource allocation standard; At the same time, I experienced the development pipeline, automated deployment and other technologies in the competition. Applying these technologies and tools to practical work can effectively improve the efficiency of R&D.


Every team needs Agile, but every team has its own Agile. Daniel Hu, head of SaaS R&D Center of Cloud Intelligence, mentioned in the conclusion of the competition that Agile is a methodology starting from practicalism, and every organization and individual can walk out of their own path of agile. Every team will encounter problems of one kind or another in the process of becoming agile, but agile provides many tools to quantify and visualize these problems and help us find a path to solve them.

Research and development efficiency is a common problem in front of many large research and development teams. When we get bogged down in various trifles of practical work and team management, we often neglect to judge the priority and importance of problems and to think and explore new ways.

The DevOps Hackathon has been held for more than ten years. In the competition, you can not only learn the complete DevOps and Agile knowledge system, but also help the team to achieve the unity of thinking and technical direction. It can also help the team manager to break the shackles of work and find the breakthrough point of team agility and efficiency improvement.

“A life is complete only after a DevOps hackathon!” July 24-25, IDCF DevOps Hackathon Beijing, you are waiting for the challenge!! 👇 Identify the QR code and reply to “Dark Horse” to participate