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Download speed limit? Krypton gold to get stronger? The client is full of ads? Don’t worry about this net disk!

Do you have a lot of question marks when you look at 34KB /s every time you download material? The master of time management threw up his arms and shouted: Duck!

You’re different, you’re collaborative, you don’t limit speed, you don’t disturb, you’re safe. You never regard achievement as the end, remember, your name is success. Teambition, pay tribute to the success of the net disk!

Teambition has been under internal test for a long time. I was so excited when I received the email of internal test invitation. After using it for a few days, I’m here to share my experience with you.

A website,

Enter theAmbition net drive”, see now has begun the public beta appointment, missed the private beta partners can make an appointment to have a try.

I have received the same internal test code students, you can click I have internal test code, immediately login to experience.

Second, the login

The login pageIt is very simple and beautiful. By default, you can log in with your mobile phone number, WeChat, and pin. You can also log in with your account password and more third-party accounts.

As you can see, counting down, a total of 15 third-party accounts support login, which can be said to be far from some domestic websites, very geek.

Third, see the real face of Lu Shan

On entering, the interface was very simple. The color scheme and layout impressed me. I set up three folders to store files by category.

Four, small bright spot

1. Quick access

When the quick access function is enabled, frequently accessed files will be displayed on the top, which is the same as the quick access of Windows to facilitate the quick location of files.

2. Quick video preview

Files can see the length of the video directly, and you can preview the video frame by frame when you hover over the video file.

It can be seen that Teambition values the experience of cloud video.

3. Share links separately

When clicking the share button, it will directly generate a share link and QR code, sharing link supportIt is valid for 7 daysandpermanentTwo timeouts, and no login is required to download.

You can see that the sharing step is simplifiedExtract the code.

Some of you might have thought of it, but it’s very convenient to extract straight chains

This is because Teambition can create a separate sharing link every time it clicks on shareShare the recordIn the management of our share records, you can delete a share separately.

Small joke: after sharing many times, I don’t know which link to share with whom for what purpose, I suggest a note function, in the future you can check this share is used for what purpose.

4. Two-step verification

Few domestic websites support two-step authentication, the reason may be because of needGoogle authenticatorWe know that some big international companies support two-step verification, such as a green plant website

But two-step verification is still very important, the suggestion domestic each big factory keeps up with.

5. Apply authorization management

This is where you can manage authorized third-party applications and login apps. We can see it here

There is aOpen platformIn the future, we can access the API, but I checked the API documents, haven’t found the network disk related API, may be in support of it.

Hope to be able to on-line API access, WebDAV and other functions as soon as possible, to facilitate the majority of programmers magic change ~

6. Drag and drop uploads

The uploading experience is great, and the drag-and-drop folder uploads automatically create folders before uploading.

7. Image browsing

The following ICONS can be used to resize the image, and there are toggle buttons on the left and right to quickly browse the image.

In addition here also found that you can choose any area on the picture box, mark out and post a discussion.

Four, speed


The download speed of Teambition is 67MB/S, which is the limit of Teambition’s bandwidth.


You can see at most three uploads at the same time, the speed is also good, the same limited bandwidth, did not run to the upper limit.

Five, the summary

From the video, pictures and other multimedia experience, is undoubtedly smooth and comfortable. Teambition is more than just a storage space, it attaches more importance to the user’s experience in the cloud. With 5G coming, people may be able to live in the cloud. The days when we were limited by the speed of the Internet will never come back. When the unlimited speed and 5G collide together, it is not hard to imagine the spark we can see from Teambition network drive.

Six, finally give you experience

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