We have seen so much in 2020. A virus called COVID-19, with a tail of 19, will become a global pandemic by 2020. And it has changed so much of the way we live. Things that can only be solved face to face have to be moved online by various means; Scheduled events can be rescheduled or cancelled at any time due to the outbreak; We in addition to the occupation of “fake smile”, but also more than a layer with – mask; Businesses and individuals are paying more attention to “cash flow” than ever before…

Some say 2020 is the worst year of the last 10 years, but it’s also the best year of the next 10. But opportunities are for those who are prepared, no matter how good, there will be “falling off the altar” said, no matter how bad, there will be “rising suddenly” said. Jeff often said that the epidemic has delayed us too much, but at the same time, we should make good use of the epidemic period to precipitate ourselves, make good products, and meet the greater challenges in the future.

After a year of hard work, TDengine has changed from a historical witness to a historical creator. Standing at the end of 2020, looking back at this year, we see a wonderful one.

01 Product Iteration

In 2020, TDEngine has released 57 versions, consolidated 2,644 Pull Requests, and has 856 test cases running, representing a total of 580,000 lines of less than 3MB of software code.

In 2020, we also unveiled a number of notable new features: the much-anticipated clustering feature is finally open source; Full penetration into embedded systems and support for ARM (which, if I remember correctly, was done during the first telecommuting week after the Spring Festival); In response, we support data updates, support multi-level storage, and expand the number of columns and tags…

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Behind these seemingly cold numbers and features, Tdengine’s engineers, contributors, and users have come together to paint a huge picture.

02 Embracing Open Source

TDengine will open source the core code on July 12, 2019. On August 3, 2020, it will increase the open source again, and open source the clustering function that everyone is most concerned about and most just needs. To date, Tdengine has over 14,300 stars, 3,700 forks and 4,700 issues on GitHub.

The efforts of the Tdengine team and tens of thousands of developers and users have become the stars and the moon that light the way to embrace open source.

03 User Growth

In 2020, Tdengine’s website has been visited more than 500,000 times, which is equivalent to over 1,000 hits per day. The page most frequently visited by users is the document page, which is also the page that TDEngine engineers spend the most time on. We are doing our best to let every user can start TDEngine with zero threshold, understand and learn.

Since August 3, 2020, the open source cluster version of Tdengine has gained more than 26,000 new user instances and 3,700 stable users who have been using it for 30 days in 4 months. What users need, we will open source what, with more people, stable use, is the biggest feedback and support for our open source.

By 2020, Tdengine’s users have covered more than 50 cities in the world. Cloud service is the future, and nearly 20% of users choose to deploy Tdengine on public clouds. To our great surprise, we have over 1,000 users in the U.S., and over 100 users in Japan, Austria, Germany, Italy, and other countries before we have a big push overseas. A single spark can start a prairie fire.

04 Share content and spread happiness

In 2020, 98 original articles will be published on our official account. “The pen” is the “weapon” for propaganda and also the “artifact” for recording. We will share stories with users: In Q1, which had a difficult start to the year globally, the Tdengine team has miraculously completed two rounds of funding totaling $20 million. On August 3rd, it opened the most needed clustering feature open source. The release of each major update, text version, video version of the use of tutorials; The daily life of a 52-year-old programmer who will experience it in words; There are also reference and replicable industry examples provided by Tdengine users from various industries…

These 28 classic cases of the industry integrate TDengine into the abstract seismic waves, into the obscure industrial Internet of Things platform, and into the electricity meters of thousands of families…

I have a pen, enough to comfort the dust!

Bearing honor and forging ahead

In 2020, we won a lot of trophies, MEDALS, awards… Thank you to the organizations that invited us to participate, the users who voted for us, the judges who rated us, and the guests who gave us awards. We cherish every honor, because it is a heavy affirmation and expectation!

Looking back on 2020, there are smiles and tears, but most of them are moved.

K2020 train carrying TDengine’s past is about to arrive at the station. Let’s pack up our “past” luggage, carry our “expectation” bags, and move forward to the future!

👇 Follow Tdengine to 2021!