First, the importance of Taobao search optimization:

Taobao search optimization is to optimize the store’s baby title, category, shelf time to obtain a relatively good ranking, so as to obtain Taobao search traffic. Taobao search optimization, from the essence to cater to the search engine, when the baby released correctly, because the baby more or less has generated the popularity of browsing, so that it will have a certain comprehensive ranking weight, in order to get more opportunities to show.

Two, Taobao search optimization skills:

1. Optimization of store foundation weight

Why some stores can bring a lot of traffic, and some stores can not do how to bring traffic, one of the big factors is the base weight of the store.

(1) DRS score:

Dynamic scoring is important for store base weight, and if your dynamic score is below the industry average, you will struggle to do natural search.

(2) After-sales service ability:

After-sale services have a lot of, for example, delivery speed, it is very important, v rabbit tool for delivery speed in the natural search is one of the important indexes of businesses in a single, you can’t drag on the play list, order more, we can use a single tool – hui to play single software will order batch print and shipment, In this way, there will be no delay in the delivery of the order due to slow. If you long-term delivery speed is slow, then your store base weight will be relatively low, there is also a particularly important, is the dispute refund rate, dispute refund rate is basically to do zero, because this item on the weight of the store is very big.

(3) Transaction Amount:

Taobao to give you the flow of nature is to hope you deal more, if you have a better deal in the past, then your base weight will be higher, registration activities are easier to pass. But if you have a small number of stores in the past, then the weight is low, which is why many good stores can easily do it, because this piece of their base weight is much higher.

2. Baby foundation optimization

(1) Optimize the basic attributes of the product:

The product attribute is the record basis of taobao search system for your product. At the beginning, Taobao will fill in the title according to you

You can obviously feel it in the through car. When you fill in different attributes and different categories, the system will recommend different keywords to you. Because different attributes and different categories will make the Taobao system record different data for you.

(2) Window recommendation:

If there are more store products, the window recommendation is necessary, because the search engine rules add the weight of the window recommendation, although Taobao will show the baby according to your baby’s performance, but the store baby set the window recommendation search weight will be higher.