TalkingData, A leading independent third-party mobile data service platform in China, has announced that it has completed A Series A funding round led by Northern Light Ventures, with an investment of more than $10 million. This is the first time that TalkingData has publicly disclosed its funding.

TalkingData is strange. It provides statistical analysis, advertising monitoring, release optimization, operation consulting and other comprehensive data products and services. At present, it serves more than 20,000 mobile products, and its paying customers include well-known mobile Internet enterprises such as Ping An, China Merchants Bank, China Mobile, Baokai, sohu Changyou, Kingsoft and so on. Its professionalism and neutrality are widely recognized. Recently, it has reached strategic cooperation with 360, Baidu, 91, Touch, Feiliu, Letou and other mobile Internet platforms.

Cui Xiaobo, CEO of TalkingData, said that after the financing, TalkingData will stick to the neutrality of its data platform and increase investment in research and development of data products in vertical fields such as mobile games, advertising, e-commerce and finance. At the same time to strengthen the introduction of talent, actively explore overseas markets.

Haotian Jiang, managing director of Northern Lights Ventures, said that Northern Lights values TalkingData’s rapid development and focus in the mobile data field in recent years as well as the strong strength of the team in the big data field. According to the current development status of the mobile Internet industry, the industry is still in the early stage of development, and mobile developers need more dedicated, professional and neutral services.

TalkingData was formally established in September 2011. Its main founding team came from Oracle, IBM, Tencent, Baidu and other companies. TalkingData has been engaged in distributed computing and big data processing for a long time. In May 2012, TalkingData officially launched its first data analysis product. At present, TalkingData has covered more than 400 million independent devices and more than 150 million daily sessions. TalkingData has a comprehensive data service product line, with the ability to process and dig deep into massive data. At present, in addition to providing operational data analysis and support for mobile applications and mobile games, we also provide comprehensive data services for mobile advertising, e-commerce, financial industry and so on.