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Copy a Douyin App from scratch -- start with audio and video

1. Have a chat -- mainly to announce something that can be skipped if you are not interested. 2. Audio/video Preknowledge -- Make a list of things you need to know before learning audio/video technology. 3. Getting Started with CMake -- Learn how to organize and compile a C/C ++ project. 4. Ffmpeg Introduction -- Introduction to FFMEPG, explain an official demo. 1. Some friends may...

Practice DevOps in Tencent cloud container service TKE

More and more enterprises are adopting the concept of DevOps. DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations. IT represents a culture that values communication and collaboration between "software developers" and "IT Operations technicians". Designed to enable build, test, release... by automating the process of "software delivery" and "architecture change."

Ipvs Timer section for container network latency

The containerization of Qutoutiao has been carried out for more than a year, and nearly 1,000 services have been containerized, and the scale of microservice cluster has reached more than 1,000 units. We have recently encountered network jitter problems caused by the underlying Kubernetes load-balancing IPVS module

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