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PHP generates the configuration file config.php generates the array configuration file

In many projects, configuration files are indispensable. Typically, configuration files are set with variables or arrays, such as databases, or some public parameters. Create {code... } configuration file {code... } how to read? {code... } Author: tankingdatel2021-04-25wechat :sansure2016Web:[link]

Profile selection - why YAML?

YAML is a good format! As a configuration file, YAML should be the most human-friendly to read and edit. Of course, the extensibility is not as good as JSON, even worse than XML, but there are some give and take, generally enough. Advantages directly on the example, look at the contrast effect will know. The same set of JSON configurations will look something like this: {code... } Although formatted and readable, it is difficult to edit. And that's just...

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