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Spring - the Boot integration ELK

Overview of SpringBoot integration ELK single finger pushing SpringBoot logs to Logstash and use tutorials. Log Flow Item Output Log Log: > TCP push Logstash: > Logstas

SpringBoot unified interface return and global exception handling

Background In today's distributed, microservice prevailing, most projects adopt microservice framework, front and back end separation mode. The front end and the back end interact. The front end requests the URL path according to the convention and passes in relevant parameters. The back end server receives the request, processes services and returns data to the front end. maintenance

SpringBoot framework log

This article mainly explains the configuration and use of logging in Spring Boot, as well as the introduction of common logging framework, I hope this article can help you.

An article gives you a detailed understanding of Spring Boot

One of the most exciting things about the Spring ecosystem over the past two or three years has been the Spring Boot framework. Perhaps the name suggests what the framework is designed to do: quickly launch Spring applications. Therefore, the Spring Boot application is essentially an application based on the Spring framework. It is the product of Spring's best practice of the concept of "convention over configuration".

SpringBoot+Mybatis+Swagger2 environment setup

This article will integrate Mybatis and Swagger2 frameworks based on the official fast start project template provided by Spring, and explain the configuration method of Mybatis Generator one-click code generation plug-in, Logback, one-click document generation and multi-environment. Finally, I'll cover custom configured annotation fetching, global exception handling, and more.

Spring Boot Scaffolding from scratch (2) : Added universal functionality

1. Preface Today we start to build our Kono Spring Boot scaffolding. First, we will integrate Spring MVC and customize it to meet the needs of daily development. If you read this and have any questions, please leave a comment. More continuous attention, common learning, common progress. 2. Unified return body under development...

Take the lead in lottery system, DDD + RPC development distributed architecture!

There is always a fan partner asked Fu Ge, can get started to practice the technology of the project, now learn so much technical knowledge, look at so many design patterns, search so much architecture design, but these content is how to use together? What does project architecture look like in the Internet? How do I get started

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