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Complete guide to using Spring Events

This article uses Spring 4.2+ as an example, which was slightly different before this release. The author since 2014 began to contact and use the Spring event, according to the Spring event principle developed JFinal - event:

Programmer's sideline: My first book is published!

In 2020, he signed a contract with publishing House of Electronics Industry and began to write his first book. After nearly a year, my first book was finally published. After the book was published, I sorted out my years of writing. In the beginning I was a little transparent writer, with no reading, no followers

Spring Cache integrates Redis and gives it an expiration time!

In the last article, we integrated Redis with SpringBoot and used a RedisTemplate to manipulate cached data, which is flexible. Today we are going to talk about the Spring Cache annotation that Spring provides for us. Spring supports multiple caching technologies: RedisCacheManager, EhCache...

Spring Boot in Mybatis page plugin - PageHelper use

Many times we write DAO interfaces to write a method to query all the records, but when the data volume is very large, query all the records will be very slow, we need to use paging query. Pagehelper is a great pagination plug-in.

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