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Why does SpringBoot not have web.xml

Today we are going to relax, not talk about distributed, cloud native, to talk about the most beginner contact Java Web foundation. Almost everyone started their first Hello World project with servlets, JSPS, and Filters. Back then, you had to configure web.xml, and write verbose ser files in XML files...

Based on SpringBoot online answer system with small procedures!

Today recommend a very good online answer exam project, the use of SpringBoot+Vue front and back end separate development, perfect function, simple interface, the main advantages are simple and quick development, deployment, friendly interface design, clear code structure. At present, it supports PC and wechat small programs, which can cover PC and mobile devices. List of questions: add, delete, change and check the questions, the current questions include single choice, multiple choice...

SpringBoot pure background, ThreadLocal implements token login authentication, non-HttpServletrequest parameters to obtain authentication information, device type to obtain.

1.1 Mobile dependency added. Other Swagger and SpringBoot basic dependencies please add by yourself. 1.2 First inject the Bean that gets the requesting device into MVC. 2.1 To create user entity, there is no device-related field in the designed data table, so when the entity is used, it is directly added to map by @TRANSIENT annotation for convenience.

Remember rememberMe, Kaptcha

Following the last learning "SpringBoot2(12) : hand in hand to teach you to build Shiro security framework", the implementation of Shiro authentication and authorization. Continue today with Shiro implementation functions on this basis rememberMe rememberMe, and Kaptcha at login time. Remember Me: Does a user's login status change because the browser...

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