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Programmers teach you the most beautiful (handsome) id photos should be in their hands, using Python20 lines of code to achieve

Today by colleagues kua my credentials than I look a lot of good, from this thought or primary school, when the documents in my heart is undoubtedly big head paste, one inch of photos can put all the shortcomings of the face, I am a small round face, a palm size, but a mirror, accidentally buy a, big face plate, from primary to high school

Batch crawl pexels images

I tried to write a crawler to crawl the image content on Pexels, and encountered some problems to record the main problems. Selenium bypasses the website and does anti-crawl processing for Selenium, which is identified as WebDriver

The Logging module in multi-process scenarios is discussed in "The Interviewer Drives the Interviewer Crazy in an Hour"

However, when we need to develop a Logging framework based on Logging in a real project, we often encounter various problems. Examples include performance issues such as loss of scrolling Logging under multiple processes, inefficient Logging, and failure to utilize the core mechanism of Logging due to a lack of understanding of the internal processes during secondary development. 1. Deep Logging module source code...

Python exception handling structure

An exception occurs when an unknown condition occurs during the execution of a Python program. When the program is abnormal, we catch the exception way, through the preset logic code to keep the program running, this process is called exception handling

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