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My turf is mine - playing with Python functions and variables

The execution of a function definition binds the function name in the current local namespace (the namespace can be thought of as a name-to-value mapping, and this mapping can be nested) to a function object, which is a wrapper around the executable code in the function. This function object contains a reference to the current global namespace, which is used when the function is called. In addition, the function is determined...

How can Python implement a powerful logging module with only 5000 lines of code?

Python's Logging module enables a flexible logging system. The entire module is only 3 classes, less than 5000 lines of code, learning it can deepen the understanding of the program log, this article is divided into the following parts: this code uses the Python 3.8.5 version, the official Chinese document 3.8.8. The official Chinese document in the reference link is very detailed...

Python word cloud creation method

When I first came into contact with the word cloud, I thought it was pretty, so I studied it. The official code was provided, but it was not easy for beginners to see it. Let's have a try

PIP installation package timeout problem resolved

The following error occurs during PIP package installation. You can use either of the following methods to solve the problem: Global modification for a single package The first method can be used for a single package installation. The second method is used for entire projects or global modifications.

Python draws real-time epidemic word clouds

The original idea was to make a website by crawling down the clove Garden pneumonia epidemic situation in real time and saving it locally, and turn the detailed epidemic report into a word cloud, so that people could get keywords through the word cloud instead of reading long articles. The results showed that the network is a XXX pneumonia epidemic real-time dynamic. First of all, I copied the following text dynamically from the lilac Garden pneumonia epidemic in real time and drew it into a word cloud. The first step, of course, is to protect the data...

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