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Promise is different from async/await

The synchronous and asynchronous problem with JS is usually referred to as Ajax callbacks. In the case of synchronous calls, the program pauses after making an Ajax call and does not resume running until the remote server responds. In an asynchronous call, the program does not pause after making an Ajax call, but executes the following code immediately, and the server returns information that triggers the callback function for processing. In comparison, asynchronous calls have the highest performance...

Use Promise to fix callback hell?

How do I use Promise to solve callback hell? If you use normal function nested calls, you can create callback hell. We can solve this problem with the Promise's.then() method

JS asynchronous programming - In-depth understanding of async/await

When you are working on a project, you often run into the problem of asynchrony. You have to control the order of multiple asynchrony requests. What should you do? How to deal with callback hell involving multiple callbacks? The ES2017 standard introduces async functions to make asynchronous operations more convenient. This article mainly introduces the basic usage of async/await, parallel tasks and matters needing attention. ES...

Promises/A + translation

An open, robust, and universal JavaScript Promise standard. The primary way to interact with promises, which are formulated by developers to refer to as the end result of asynchronous operations, is the then method, which registers two responses

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