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Youth Training camp -JS study notes

This article contains some principles of writing JS, and explains the packaging process of JS components and matters needing attention by an example of the encapsulation of a wheel cast diagram component. In addition, some JS programming ideas, using high order functions to achieve process abstraction, increase code expansibility.

A piece of integrated Thymeleaf code

I've been using Java officially at work for a few months now, and Thymeleaf is the big one. I don't like it, but I do it for a living, so here's a summary. I discovered that I had a code that pretty much encapsulates what I've learned about Thymeleaf at this stage. <div><img th:src="@{/images/dock/} + ${d...

【UE4 Materials 101】- Episode 2 Notes

0. In all corresponding tiles, 0 represents black and 1 represents white. The darker the position, the smaller the value, and the whiter the position, the larger the value. 1. Four lighting models Four lighting modes = two incident modes multiplied by two reflection modes; Specular: Non-metallic (positive)

Vue Basic Learning notes _5

1. Watch monitors routing address changes more than puTED 3. Watch compares puTED attributes with 1.computed attributes, which are cached unless they are recalculated depending on responsive attribute changes

Java Core Class Library - Collection Class Library (1)

The concept of collections is where collections come from. When you need to record the contents of a single piece of data in a Java program, you declare a variable. Declare a one-dimensional array when you need to record multiple data contents of the same type in a Java program. When you need to record multiple numbers of different types in a Java program

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