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Functional programming

The idea of functional programming is old, predating the creation of the first computer (details: The history of functional programming). As React became more popular and functional programming received more attention, Vue 3 embraced it. Functional Programming (FP), FP is one of the Programming paradigms, we often hear about Programming...

Mobx study notes

What is Mobx? Like Redux, Mobx is used to manage application data state. Mobx is more flexible and suitable for small and medium sized applications

The default SSR port (1080) is occupied

One, SSR boot error message 2, solution method one: 2.1 violent method (directly kill takes up the process of port) win + R, open the CMD input netstat ano | findstr searches "1080" to see which process occupies the port, the last column is the process of P

TypeScript Learning Notes 3

Functions are an extremely important part of JavaScript, and we've always called them first-class citizens, the basic building blocks of any application. Like JavaScript, TypeScript creates named and anonymous functions. You can see from the code that we can add a type to each parameter as well as to the return value. In the Java...

Why React-hooks: How do Hooks help us upgrade working modes

Function components have a number of features that make React components better than class components. React-hooks are designed to improve the capabilities of function components. Now, based on what you know about react-hooks, your understanding of motivation has moved on. Why React-...

Iptables Study notes

The iptables Linux firewall system works mainly on the network. The Linux firewall system works mainly on the network. The Linux firewall system works mainly on the network

Mysql > select * from 'Mysql';

In the previous section, we explained in detail the mysql cluster index part and mysql index use matching rules. The most important content is the most left matching rules, which can be derived from the application of many rules, so it needs to focus on the close, and other content only need to learn.

String ::Manacher algorithm

This is the 14th day of my participation in the November Gwen Challenge. Check out the event details: The last Gwen Challenge 2021. Manacher algorithm is used to solve the palindrome string problem.

It is Nezha's fate to refuse

I went to see Nezha over the weekend and felt deeply. To sum up, this film wants to express that one's own destiny is determined by oneself. No matter what one is born, one does not care about anyone's opinion. After watching it, I searched for the director of the film - Dumpling. Because I want to know what kind of director is responsible for such a film, presumably the experience of the director is to some extent ne Zha's experience, the director is from Sichuan, has seen the film...

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