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[Youth] - Browser rendering process

This is my sixth day of the August Text Challenge. I've talked about urls and requests in previous posts, but today I'm going to learn how browsers render pages. The browser rendering process can be summarized as the following steps: Read HTML


This paper proposes a feature fusion approach to accelerate and improve the performance of federated learning. Many smart devices today rely on pre-training models, which makes the machine's reasoning capabilities less personalized and flexible. At the same time, smart terminals also generate a large amount of effective private data, which can improve the personalized ability of these models. Federated learning, the ability to train models directly on the terminal...

Page performance: How can pages be systematically optimized?

When we talk about page optimization, it's all about making pages display and respond faster. Since the focus of a page is different at different stages of its life, if we want to talk about page optimization, we need to analyze the different stages of a page's life cycle.

Persistence of Redis

Redis supports persistence. To ensure efficiency, Redis stores data in memory, but periodically writes updated data to disk or writes modification operations to additional record files to ensure data persistence. Redis DataBase (RDB) : In snapshot format, data in memory is directly saved to a binary file dump. RDB.

Java Basics (8) - character streams, code tables, threads

The information stored in a computer is expressed in binary numbers. The Characters we see on the screen, such as English and Chinese characters, are the result of the conversion of binary numbers into the computer according to certain rules, called encoding. Conversely, the binary number stored in the computer in accordance with a certain rule of parsing display, known as decoding. It must be parsed according to the A encoding to display correctly...

The front-end environment

The front end of VScode IDE is the most widely used IDE, lightweight and fast Node. js Javascript running environment. It is recommended to install Node using NVM

JS array common operations summary

Array expansion regular reduce specifies the depth version of an array with an array of disordered numbers to decrement [1,2,2,3] => [1,2,3] create an object to mark whether an element has been present using indexOf() using Set() to decrement 2 to remove all duplicate values

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