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PHP generates the configuration file config.php generates the array configuration file

In many projects, configuration files are indispensable. Typically, configuration files are set with variables or arrays, such as databases, or some public parameters. Create {code... } configuration file {code... } how to read? {code... } Author: tankingdatel2021-04-25wechat :sansure2016Web:[link]

AgileConfig Lightweight Configuration Center 1.3.0 was released with support for multi-user permission control

AgileConfig was originally designed as a tool for my own use, so I just set an administrator password with no concept of a user. However, many students put forward suggestions that require multi-user support after using it. It is inconvenient to have the same password for an entire team or company. Today AgileConfig 1.3.0 finally supports multiple users and simple permission management. User and permission design, in our development management department...

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