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Wan Wan lian Mai behind the scenes technical details

From July 29 to July 30, the CIC2021 Cloud Computing Summit held by Qingyun technology was successfully held in Beijing. Shen Weifeng, an expert of Paileyun server, was invited to attend the summit and shared the theme of "Practice and Evolution of Large-scale Real-time Audio and video Technology Architecture" in the audio and video technology Forum

Audio and video development summary two Android platform

Audio and video collection process series the whole audio and video recording process, complete audio and video collection, coding, packaging into MP4 output. Play process: Get stream - > Decode - > Play. Recording and playing path: recording audio and video -> video processing -> encoding -> Upload server -> Others to play. Live broadcast process: recording audio and video - > coding - > Streaming media transmission - > server - > streaming media transmission...

H.264 introduction to audio and video development

If you have worked on audio and video projects, you are sure to understand the concepts related to H.264. Why am I writing this article? One is to sum up the knowledge, and the other is to give a reference to the students who just started the audio and video. Basic Concepts H.26

How to explain DCT to a 5-year-old?

DCT (Discrete cosine transform) is the most basic tool of modern image and video compression. It converts the data in the image into the frequency domain and does so in order to reveal the information contained in the pixels. This article will explain the DCT in an easy-to-understand way.

Cisco Webex and next generation video conferencing

The increasing use of video conferencing in People's Daily life, especially the rapid growth of the video conferencing market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to continuous updates of Cisco Netcom video technology. We are joined by Thomas, principal engineer of Cisco's Collaboration Technology group...

Webpack confuses and compresses javascript backend code

JavaScript is a scripting language that can be run directly from source code without compilation. Sometimes, for security or other reasons, we don't want people to read the source code directly or easily modify it. At this point, it is necessary to obfuscate the source code. The processed code becomes smaller and no longer readable. Using the Web...

LiveNVR high-performance stable RTSP, Onvif detection streaming media service configuration channel access hikang, Dahua and other cameras for full terminal live without plug-ins

LiveNVR Onvif/RTSP streaming media service, supports RTSP stable pull stream access, supports Onvif protocol access, supports RTMP/HLS/HTTP-FLV distribution, interconnects traditional security monitoring devices, and livestreams without plug-ins. The configuration page is displayed, and enter the CAMERA IP address, port, RTSP address, user name, password, and on-demand live broadcast. On...

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