The T11 2019 Data Intelligence Summit, hosted by data service provider TalkingData, was successfully held at the China Hotel in Beijing on November 25. With the theme of “Unbounded”, the conference mainly discussed how to complete the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises through big data and artificial intelligence-related technologies, break the industry boundaries in the constantly changing market environment, dig more business values, and realize business innovation and growth.

SegmentFault, as the invited media of this conference, interviewed a number of technical executives of TalkingData on the sidelines of the conference, and the two sides had a detailed exchange on a number of technical topics.

The conference invited nearly a thousand technical experts, analysts and business leaders from finance, retail, manufacturing, Internet and other industries and the government, including nearly 30 senior executives and technical leaders from TalkingData and its partners, to share the application practice of relevant cutting-edge technologies in various industry scenarios.

Business scene reconstruction to achieve data intelligent closed loop

Cui Xiaobo, founder and CEO of TalkingData, explained the latest strategic thinking of TalkingData at the meeting. He said that in the context of current consumption and technology upgrading, accurate customer positioning and business scenario reconstruction will become crucial.

After years of practice, TalkingData has concluded a more complete set of business theory — “Precision Product Methodology”. Enterprises should be realized through data, first of all should be based on business and industry data to identify the key scenes, then carries on the scene design according to customer’s decision-making process, and then based on the scenario will reconstruct the existing business model and technology platform, continue to analysis the business data in real time, eventually iteratively improve product shape, continue to optimize business process, to form a closed loop.

In addition, Cui Xiaobo also announced at the conference the official launch of the new version of data intelligence SmartDP Fusion. SmartDP Fusion consists of a comprehensive intelligent marketing platform, a data platform, and a scene intelligent application platform. It can form a closed-loop mode around the “precise product methodology”, fully meet the needs of data and business scenarios integration, and improve business operation efficiency.

In the technical session, Wang Ting, Chief Technology Officer of TalkingData, and Huang Yangcheng, co-founder and chief architect of TalkingData, explained their understanding of the current development trend of big data and artificial intelligence technology, and analyzed and summarized the technical exploration and practical experience of TalkingData in the construction of data intermediary platform and marketing platform.

With the continuous expansion of business scale, the process of data collection, management and use will become a serious challenge that enterprises have to face. Although artificial intelligence can help enterprises solve many problems, it is not easy to realize the selection, implementation, application and iteration of relevant technologies.

Whereas the TalkingData could use deep data services many years of experience and bring enterprise data access and integration management ability platform services, as well as for marketing and business operations personnel, to provide data analysis, precise marketing segmentation, effect monitoring application service, customers, also can through the artificial intelligence algorithm model, Serve the needs of different industry scenarios, and further open up the whole business process from site selection and operation, to sales forecast and personalized recommendation.

In addition, guests from Intel, Taos Data, Ark Federation and Nanjing University also shared their respective practice cases on data-driven business and technology application in the current market environment.

Enhance data value through win-win cooperation and industry integration

In addition to sharing the exploration of strategies, technologies, products and services, TalkingData also announced a number of cooperation achievements in ecological construction, application innovation and other aspects.

TalkingData has signed a cooperation agreement with Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, and its central China R&D headquarters and national delivery headquarters will be formally settled in the Optical Valley of China. In the future, TalkingData will work with Wuhan Municipal Government to promote the local big data industrial application innovation and improve the ability of technology implementation.

In terms of finance, TalkingData, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, and Baihang Credit Information Joint Laboratory of Credit Data Analysis and Application jointly established by TalkingData released relevant reports, which specifically analyzed the hot issues in the field of credit information in the era of big data.

For data security, TalkingData has participated in the preparation and pilot work of information security and data security specifications led by national and industry authorities.

At the same time, TalkingData and JD Cloud actively participate in the construction of the new smart city, provide relevant design and planning consulting services for the government, implement the collection of urban big data, and sort out and distribute relevant resources. TalkingData also plans to help more cities and government departments complete intelligent upgrading in the future, and fully cover the digital capabilities in urban transportation, tourism, economy, people’s livelihood and other fields.

TalkingData will always adhere to the vision of “data changes enterprise decisions and data improves human life”. By releasing all the energy of data through technology, TalkingData will provide help for more enterprises to realize data intelligent transformation, break industry boundaries, promote industry integration, and comprehensively enhance the value of enterprise data assets.

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