In 2050 AD, there was only one Java programmer left in the world.

You may be asking, where did everyone else go? The reason is simple: Java is dead.

Around 2030, there was a language called X, which could do system-level development (operating system, database, compiler) as well as server-side development, mobile and Web.

More importantly, the new programming language is very close to the natural language of human beings. Both adults and children can program very quickly after a little learning. The top 100 languages disappeared, and programmers lost their jobs.

Java is no exception, leaving behind a host of large and complex systems that were once the hegemon of the past.

The number of Java programmers dwindled until there was only one dedicated fan left in the world.

He is clinging to Java, killed also do not use X language, can not find a job, can only intermittent help others to maintain some ancient Java system, income is very unstable, life is increasingly distressed.

This JAVA hardcore often goes to the Huxin bar of Zhongguancun Software Park to drink. It is drinking, but it is actually nostalgia.

The buildings around the lake are all famous IT companies, which used to be the center of software and Internet in China. Countless code farmers came here from the subway station of Xierqi in great force.

At noon, eat lunch code farmers will come here to chat for a walk, exchange, see which suitable for job-hopping.

Now it has really become a park, the once bustling crowd has disappeared, only the beautiful scenery is left, it seems a bit lonely.

The Java diehard sips the cheapest beer and looks back on the good old days. From time to time, check the phone to see if there is any Java maintenance work to do.

Beside a few young students are laughing and chatting, do not know how to talk to the topic of programmers.

Classmate A said: “you know, my grandfather told me that this place is originally this code farmers gathering place, they every day with what Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript and other languages to write programs, using 996 work system.”

“Oh my god? ! Working at 9am and 9pm, six days a week, is inhumane.”

JAVA hardcore listen to the heart coldly smile, 996 what ah, Lao Tze that year for a year, every day is 1 o ‘clock home in the morning, the next morning at 8 o ‘clock to work.

Classmate b ask a way: “why to work overtime, programming is not very easy, use X language to computer say not to go?”

“That is now, I asked my grandfather, he said that the language they used at that time is too low, far from the natural language, human language to translate into Java to write a very long time.”

Classmate C said: “I’ve also seen the most popular Java of the time. It’s absolutely antiquated. Let me tell you, I was in a corner of the National Library, looking through a dusty book called Head First Java. I really feel sorry for our predecessors, how they learned Java.”

Java fans have mixed feelings, and I remember learning Java when I was young. Collections, reflection, IO, generics, threading, and various frameworks put a lot of effort into each technical point.

Student Ding said: “Not to mention, you can’t use natural language programming, once the function description is wrong, you have to modify countless code, it is too terrible.”

JAVA hardcore heart said that is true, when they and product managers, project managers, customers in order to determine the needs, how many times ah.

“By the way, I heard that there is another guy who is clinging to Java and is now the only Java programmer in the world, lol”

A roar of laughter broke out.

“Do you know Java? Do you know what Java is? It’s the most popular language in the world.”

“It’s just an antique!”

“Vintage? I’m telling you, Java supported a lot of people, probably including your grandfather.”

Classmate a say: “elder, or do you give us chat?”

“Java is the earliest cross-platform programming language in the world. It can not only do Web development, but also do Android development and big data development. Not much worse than your current X language. Just at that time to write the program is not easy, have to understand a lot of details, write out may not be right, also have to try to debug. It’s very tiring.”

“If you want to be a good programmer, you have to learn all kinds of computer basics, like what data structures, operating systems, computer networks, databases, compilation principles, and so on. I still have a lot of books from that time at home. You are welcome to visit them.”

Everyone in succession sigh with emotion that this programmer is really not the work of human beings.

“What’s more, new technologies like mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence come out every four to five years. You have to keep learning, or you will be abandoned by The Times.”

Once again, everyone sighed and said that if let me be a programmer I will not live.

“Elder brother, why don’t you keep pace with The Times and learn X language?” “Someone asked.

“How do you know I didn’t learn, I have learned all the new technology, such as this X language, in fact, it is very suitable for you, easy to write out the program, oh no, said it. But for me, X is just like natural language. There is no beauty at all! I still like the good stuff from our time, like architecture, object-oriented, design patterns, by the way, have you ever heard of design patterns? “

Everyone looked at each other with no idea what this meant.

“Design pattern, is the summary of your design experience, a total of 23, in my opinion are very elegant, or I teach you the simplest singleton pattern, a total of 7 ways to write, very interesting.”

We all shook our heads and refused to be old-fashioned.

“In our time, a lot of software was written beautifully and elegantly, full of beauty. Unlike today’s X language, which is just a pile of natural languages, it’s really ugly. Why do I hold on to Java, is always to appreciate the beauty of ah.”

“Oh, so you’re the only Java programmer.”

JAVA smiled and nodded. When the phone rang, JAVA turned on its holographic screen and everyone in the bar read this message:

(Forty Thieves) Welcome programmers

My team’s 50 year old core system needs to be maintained. We are looking for Java engineers, regardless of age.


Will the Java SE

Understand the Servlet and JSP

Know Spring, Struts, Hibernate, MyBatis

Heard of design patterns is a plus.

Once hired, treatment from preferential, luxury car villas start.

The Java hardcore suddenly burst into tears: “This is a team I’ve wanted to join since I was young, but I was never good enough, and they didn’t want me, so now is my chance! Farewell, everybody. I applied.”

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