Summer began, summer 2021 project selection list announced

The application for “Open Source Software Supply Chain Lighting Plan — Summer 2021” project was officially ended at 24:00 on June 13th. The activity received 1126 students from 447 universities at home and abroad to sign up for it.

On June 30th, after the review of the community tutor and the organizing committee, 681 winning projects (234, 342 and 105 for high, medium and low difficulty projects) and the students were confirmed from the 798 projects and 1814 project applications with application records and confirmed by the community tutor. This is the beginning of a new chapter of “Open Source Summer”!

Official website link of the winning announcement:…

For a period of 3 months, the project development began

The project development period is from July 1st to September 30th. During this period, the successful student will complete the corresponding development tasks independently under the guidance of the tutor.

The development of the project is divided into two phases, corresponding to two important milestones: the mid-term assessment and the final assessment.

Phase 1: July 1st – August 15th

Phase 2: August 16 – September 30

Note: Only students who have passed the mid-term examination can continue the second phase of the project development.

During the development process, according to the requirements of the community, the deliverables can be stored in the public warehouse designated by the community or in the warehouse provided by the organizing committee. It should be noted that students need to submit the complete project code to the organizing committee platform warehouse before the milestone, and submit the corresponding mid-term and final project reports to the system platform for review by the tutor.

Interim report submission deadline: 8/15 24:00, final report submission deadline: 9/30 24:00.

Please submit the report within the specified time. If overdue, you will not be able to submit the report.

Note: All times default to Beijing time (GMT+8)

Prizes and bonuses and distribution

All successful students will receive a souvenir package including a summer 2021 customized T-shirt and backpack from the organizing committee. The package will be sent out in mid to late July.

According to the difficulty setting, the bonus for low difficulty project is 6000 yuan, the bonus for medium difficulty project is 9000 yuan, and the bonus for high difficulty project is 12000 yuan (Note: the bonus amount is RMB before tax).

Students who pass the mid-term assessment will receive 50% of the project bonus first, and those who pass the final assessment will receive the remaining 50% of the project bonus.

If the final evaluation fails, the remaining amount of bonus will not be paid.

Students who pass the final evaluation will receive the final certificate issued by the organizing committee and have the opportunity to participate in the annual outstanding project selection.

Important Milestones (Default Time Zone: GMT+8 Beijing Time)

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