Time flies like an arrow. At the beginning of 2021, I set three small goals. Now that I’m in the middle of the year, LET me review and recap.

My little goal for 2021 is1. Work-study 2. Get out of the house 3Here are a few points to say


Current working status

Currently in a listed company (in this 1.5 years), not Dafang, and then the city is a second-tier city – Xiamen (have to make fun of xiamen this city, third-tier wages, second-tier city, first-tier consumption and living, super first-tier housing prices).

Work, finish the assigned to ensure the quality of my job, also can do some simple optimization, affected by the epidemic, the company did not pay, after say good LiangDiao also just about one year, but I don’t have a lot of desire to move, so there is no active resume and one reason is the basis of not so good, isn’t ready for the interview. Due to the epidemic, many colleagues left their jobs around them, and after they changed, they also got a considerable increase. The manager may be worried about my resignation, so he said to me: so-and-so, do a good job this year, and try to give you a large salary increase tomorrow.

My position to oneself lies in the promotion of hard strength is given priority to, on this foundation it is salary of course is higher better cough up, after all rich can solve most problems. So I am going to go to Js foundation and learn the source code in the next two months. I give up the algorithm for the time being, and maybe I will pick it up later. Feel oneself go after two months, begin deliver resume.

Technology used

Now through my hand of the project is to use the VUE3 framework to build, ashamed of vuE3 will write but not familiar with the source code, if the interview was asked, that is to be asked. I also tried vite, tailwindCss, etc

Learning techniques

In April and May, I learned some knowledge about servers, such as Nginx, Linux, Jenkins and so on. Later, I found that I didn’t have a blog, but I also used Vuepress to build my own blog. I said I wanted to do Vitepress, but I missed it

The road to learning

I have bought several books, small volumes and some tutorials on Apps such as Start The class, Geek Time and Bilibili. Almost 20% of them are finished and most of them are not read yet. This is what I should continue to learn in the second half of this year.

In addition to the above, I have attached some links to my favorites:

  1. Regroup, 2019 Self-published Front Interview Booklet [Vue.js]
  2. Jsliang 2020 Job Search Series
  3. How to prepare for alibaba front end interview
  4. From the shallow to the deep, 66 JavaScript interview knowledge points
  5. Here are 10 popular front-end interview projects on GitHub to build your own raise trove!
  6. You are looking for vUE source code
  7. Frontend Knowledge Structure
  8. Yuba’s blog

Thanks for your open source dedication! Of course, the important thing is to find the corresponding knowledge points according to your own needs, maybe you are already the master of the above knowledge points. There is no end to learning, the road to learning will not stop.

Take off a single

I graduated three years ago, I am not small, I like to play games after work, I usually eat all over Xiamen, I ask where I go to eat when I go out with my friends, in fact, I also don’t have much, I just put the various lists recommended by meituan to taste, annual summary, are the only food can not live up to. I understand my parents’ desire to embrace the sun, but I have been single for 2 or 3 years, and I have not continued to look for the next one. I cannot forget it, but I feel single really too free, too comfortable, so my heart has not been strong. But the reason is so simple, this year is also a regular chat and often play games with the girl asked me to meet the base, and then two people do not dislike each other, together. I was lucky to meet her!

Now the state is in love, if next year or do not dislike each other, and feel appropriate, then get married.

Here is not to continue to say, so that I sprinkle dog food, after all, to love small animals, protect the single dog! So the small goal of getting off the hook is accomplished.

To buy a house

The house is also the first suite for me, so it is also listed in this year’s small goals, just the conditions allow so I began to look at the house this year. It can be said that my busiest time in most weekends in 2021 was to look at various buildings with the intermediary. I saw dozens of buildings, but there were too many houses to buy. I started to look at houses at the end of February, when I knew nothing about the real estate, and now I have some insights of my own.

But there are so many factors to consider, such as agent/developer, school district, transportation, price, etc. Do not have what also say now my down pay is handed in, belong to the process that handles mortgage at present, the developer explains the year after can hand in a house. So the small goal of buying a house is accomplished.

Redraw the plan

There are still half a year left in 2021, so what will be my plan for the second half of the year? I want to think about the specifics, and let me talk about the direction first.

  1. The most important thing is to learn. If you make progress, everything will be better. Such as tutorials, videos and books to follow the knowledge
  2. Manage financial affairs, raise money before buying a house stage, fund stock was sold completely, try to find a good opportunity to reenter the market to accumulate wealth slowly. Think of to borrow back the money, there are some really let me be a long experience, than to borrow money also humble me.
  3. Keep the habit of exercise, this is the first half of the fall, the body is the revolution capital, this is really important



The first half of 2021 is the magic of feeling like you’re doing a lot of things and feeling like you’re doing nothing. Anyway, I hope everyone including me live better and better!!

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