The year 2020 has come to an end. There have been so many events this year, including the fire in Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic, and floods in southern China, just like the cycle 12 years ago.

For me, 2020 is just like a magical year. Generally speaking, I was suddenly awakened by someone in a dazed state, and when I looked back, I suddenly found that I had walked out of a road that I had never dreamed of.

On the fourth day of the New Year, at the moment of everyone’s reunion, I had packed up my luggage and left the home I had been longing for. I took a ride with my brother-in-law and went to Guangzhou, ready to start a new round of journey.

However, I was caught off guard when, before I arrived in Guangzhou, it was announced that the national shutdown and suspension of classes were due to COVID-19. My God, I want to go home!! But that was unlikely, and guangzhou began to shut down. All right, let’s just worry about how we’re gonna get food. It was a huge challenge for a teenager who had barely cooked for more than 20 years.

It never rains but it pours. The next night I suddenly found I had a cold. Do you know how scared people who had not caught a cold for more than three years suddenly caught a cold during the worst epidemic in China? That night, I did not dare to make a phone call at home. I could only meditate on the things I had not done in more than 20 years and what regrets I had left. I almost fell asleep at 5 o ‘clock the next morning. When I woke up, it was nearly two o ‘clock in the afternoon, and I simply did something to eat. Then, packed up two changes of clothes, toothbrush towels, water cups, and finally into a little red book. Ready to go out, saw the community security and epidemic prevention personnel, did not dare to tell them, maybe because of fear.

I glanced back at my old place, thinking it might be the last. Bus also dare not on, plus head also a little dizzy, shared bike also dare not ride. You can only walk to the nearest hospital, which is a little over three kilometers. I plugged in my earphones and listened to Lifeline on a loop. I looked at the sparsely populated passers-by on the street and silently thought about my life in the past 20 years. When I happened to meet someone walking across the street, I would unconsciously give them a certain distance.

At the hospital, the temperature was measured, 38.2. Then did a series of simple examination, the nurse sister said my heart rate is a little high, asked me whether I was nervous, I shyly said a little (that kind of situation, can not be nervous). Then register, sit quietly and wait. I remember that the waiting time was extremely long, because my mind was so tense that I went blank. I didn’t want to think about anything, and I dared not think about it.

At the hospital, the results weren’t available. Just before 8 o ‘clock, I got a phone call from my mother out of the blue and I panicked. Mother asked me: have you eaten? I stammered and said: not yet, eat later. Then it was a disorderly criticism from my mother, which was the first time in my life that I felt my mother’s complaints were so warm. Then my mother told me that my brother-in-law also caught a cold of 39 degrees and was going to the hospital. At that time my tears brewing in the eyes, perhaps is the manly bar, forbear did not fall down, whispered I also caught a cold, is in the hospital examination. Then there was a storm of criticism from my mom and dad, and THEN I was like a schoolboy doing something wrong, uh-huh, uh-huh. Five minutes after I hung up the phone, my sister called again, another mess of criticism. At that time, I found that sometimes scolded is also a very happy thing. Around 9:00, I finally got the results. Fortunately, it was a false alarm. Common cold. Then make a quick phone call to say you’re okay.

Outside the hospital, my legs felt like lead from a cold and no dinner. There was just a bus passing by, AND I saw that there were no other passengers on the bus except the bus master. With a fluke mentality, I stood outside the bus door and explained the situation to the master. The master let me do the last row. Now here again thanks to the kind bus driver, without him, I may not be able to walk home. After going back to the community, I explained the situation to the epidemic prevention staff in the community, and asked me to go back to sleep and come to take my temperature at about 10 o ‘clock the next day.

When I got home that night, I cooked some porridge and ate it. Lying quietly in bed waiting for news from my brother-in-law. Finally, just before 1 o ‘clock, the sister sent the news that her brother-in-law also had a common cold. Well, I slept soundly that night. Then, the next morning, the fever was gone. During the pandemic, I didn’t have the skills of a Michelin chef, but I could barely cook a table of food, hahaha.

Then came the national proposal for telecommuting. We basically go to the office every Monday for a meeting, schedule our work for the week and then go home and telecommute. My first job was in a small, entrepreneurial company with not many people. After working on a few projects, my boss knew I knew a little bit about NodeJS, so he gave me a visual project that wasn’t too big. Basically, I went from UI design -> front-end development -> back-end development -> testing -> data entry. It’s basically a full-stack development job. At that time, I was exhausted physically and mentally. I remember that I was severely criticized for a back-end interface problem. What I thought at that time was that I asked you if it was ok to write like this, and you said it was ok, so I wrote like this. I am not a real backend, so why do several jobs with one salary, and now I am still chasing after my criticism when something goes wrong. Now that I think about it, IT was actually my immature mind at that time. Since I had accepted the project, I should have done it well. If I felt THAT I could not do so much, I could have directly mentioned it. Here is very grateful to the first company, there to learn a lot of useful things. Vue bucket series, Element/Vant UI framework, Cordova, NodeJS, WebSocket real-time communication, visualization, etc. The most important thing to be thankful for is the full stack project. Although I was tired, I learned how a project works from 0 to 1, so I apologize for my immature mind at that time.

I said I was leaving in mid-March, and I was interviewing for a handover. Probably also this time, only to find their own gap with others – the front-end development of understanding is too one-sided, still in just know how to use the state, the principle of basic no in-depth understanding, a large number of handwritten algorithms can not be written, VUE source code has not been studied. And then after a series of torments, I finally made up my mind that I couldn’t be a front-end cutout like this any more.

In early April, I joined a cross-border e-commerce company. After joining the company’s enterprise wechat, I suddenly found a colleague’s name was very familiar, as if he was a classmate in college. I talked about my classmate in college privately, and sure enough, it was him. Fate this thing is so magical, is not a little dreamlike feeling, ha ha ha!

As soon as I started, I heard some skills that I hadn’t used in the original development process, such as iView, GitFlow workflow, Sourcetree, Mock. js, Docker, Jenkins, CI/CD, etc. It’s like all of a sudden it opens up my appetite for knowledge. At that time, the company in my home was far away, and the commuting time needed more than one hour. Plus the time for eating and cleaning, it was almost 10 o ‘clock. At that time, I always like to hold a notebook, put on headphones, lying on the windowsill quietly learning these knowledge points that I have never learned before, and then every time before going to sleep, I would write a round, throttling/shaking, deep copy and fast typesetting, because these were the most frequently written questions in the interview.

In mid-May, I moved to a nearby office and walked to and from work every day, so I had more time to study. These days will probably last until July or so. Personally, I think I have never been a person with very strong willpower. So when I think my knowledge base is sufficient and Ben is ready to float. I made a decision that feels right to me so far — to continue beating the interviewer’s head off. Only in this way can I find my shortcomings.

Then I made up a few excuses, took a few days off, met with a few companies. Although I received offers during this period, I did not choose to go. During this period of time, the purpose of the interview is to fill in the gaps and fan myself with the interviewer’s difficulties, so I would like to say sorry to those HR and interviewers who arranged my interview during this period

In early July, due to business changes in the company, it was necessary to consolidate several systems into one large system. In simple terms, this is to change from SPA to MPA, and then add a plug-in to the web page, which can directly insert our customized page into the web page. The boss assigned these two tasks to me. However, there were not many articles about MPA and Chrome plug-in at that time, so looking up information and finding solutions became my learning task in the evening. In order to find solutions at that time, I would usually study at 2:00 in the night, and when I was tired, I would go to the balcony to take a breath of fresh air. Spent about a week of time, finally to the two problems of the first version of the solution to do out. In the face of colleagues’ praise, although a calm face, but the heart has long laughed, ha ha ha ~

In mid-July, I realized that the front end team didn’t have their own documentation. This will take a lot of time in the follow-up communication. Then I found vuepress and vuepress-theme-reco. Thanks to the author first, I took this theme to build the company’s front-end team document and changed it into my own blog.

In the middle of August, I found that the overall web page loading speed was slow due to the server network with a frame. It was probably at this time that I realized the importance of performance optimization, and then I frantically added front-end performance tuning, VUE performance tuning, Nginx tuning, HTTP caching and other tuning knowledge. After a series of tweaks, the total page volume dropped by 80%+ and the first screen loading speed increased by 60%+.

Early September, this time is a relatively idle period. The first project has almost been delivered and the new project has not yet started. Then it was the Nuggets. Released personal nuggets in the first series of articles “hand teach you to build a live platform”. Then I sorted out some knowledge points in the past six months and updated them to my blog. At night, I studied the source code of Vue and Nest. js when I was free.

In late September, the new program was ready to start. The boss gave me the front-end architecture of the new project to build, how to say? I guess that’s some kind of endorsement? Therefore, this time is another time to review the code of the old project, and refer to the code of the big guy on Github. Try to extract the essence and combine it into new projects for the convenience of subsequent development.

In October, at the beginning of the new project, I was mainly engaged in cutting the front-end diagram according to the UI designer’s design, so I was not particularly busy. The night was still my own. During this period, I learned the use of NestJS, TS and Swagger documents (I had been using Postman), and then I directly used NestJS to polish the back end of SULG monitoring platform.

From November to December, with the business expansion of the company, the boy who slaughtered the devil eventually became a devil. Well, yes, the interviewer everyone hates. There were 5 written questions (1 CSS and 4 JS basic questions). During the interview, I basically gave a general direction of what I didn’t answer, and then let the interviewer go back to know more about it. So, I feel pretty good about myself, hahaha. In addition to the interview, this time is also a time to frantically catch up. Since the back end was a newly formed team, time was not allocated well. In addition, there are some problems with the running-in of the front and rear ends, resulting in a lot of progress behind. Therefore, I often work overtime during this period. Fortunately, we finally caught up with the delivery of the first version in mid-December. During this period, Tencent cloud container service limited the ports opened to the outside, resulting in swagger file exception. So I discussed with the backend to switch to yAPI documentation, and then I learned docker and encapsulated a yAPI +mongodb image.

The above is the transformation of a muddle-headed front-end checker in this half year. Although it is not spectacular, it is already an unimaginable journey for a person who only works for three minutes.

Looking to the future

Set yourself a small goal for 2021

1. Completed the construction of the front-end monitoring platform — SULG monitoring platform

2. Learning vue3

3. Research vue source code

4. Proficiency in various handwritten codes

5. 300 + leetcode antithesis

I am Koba, an ordinary, and unwilling to ordinary front-end development engineer!

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