Node.js official link:

Download the installation package, work your way through next until the installation succeeds, setting up the environment variables by default, and then running the DOS command as administrator

View the node.js version

node -v

Check the version number of NPM (NPM is the package management tool installed with Node.js)

npm -v

Install CNPM (from Taobao, speed and stability are better, if not installed with NPM can also be)

npm install -g cnpm

As can be seen, it is still a little slow to install CNPM under NPM, CTRL + C terminates, we directly use taobao package to install, where -g is global.

npm install -g cnpm –

If you do not have CNPM installed, change all CNPMS to NPM

Install VUE scaffolding VUE – CLI

cnpm install -g vue-cli

View vUE scaffolding

vue list

Initialize the vUE project (generated vUE project, in the directory where you executed the command)

vue init webpack demo

Prompt to select:

Project Name Indicates the Project name. The default value is in parentheses

Project Description Project name description

Author Author email

Install vue-router? Whether to install vue-router no

Use ESLint to lint your code? Whether ESlist syntax check is required Must select No

Setup unit tests with Karma + Mocha? Whether you need to unit test no

Setup e2e tests with Nightwatch? Whether e2E test no is required

I will handle that myself. Do we need to run NPM install to install the dependency? We select No and use CNPM install to install the dependency ourselves

Enter the project

cd demo


Install dependencies

cnpm install


Start the project

cnpm run dev

Access in the browser

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