As a programmer, dropping the mouse is the beginning of installing x. But using a variety of keyboard shortcuts can also greatly improve productivity. Add e content first, later slowly fill more.

A, the initial

Without the mouse, the first step is to become familiar with the common shortcuts of the system, followed by the shortcuts of the individual desktop applications themselves.

First list the common shortcut key operations:

CTRL C, CTRL V, CTRL Alt Delete, Win E, Win +, Win -, Alt TAB, Win TAB, Alt F4…… Lazy, don’t want to write, paste links to enjoy (don’t scold yo kiss ~)…

2. Desktop application shortcuts

Commonly used applications such as: QQ (of course, the PC version), wechat (of course, the PC version), browser (I often use 360, because a lot of collection of urls, you know), WORD and so on, there are a lot of shortcut keys are repeated, the corresponding operation is similar. Lazy r attack, again persuade: find Settings.

To start the desktop application installed in Windows, you can select the application icon in the “Start” menu, right-click and select properties, Shortcuts and shortcut keys, enter the shortcut keys, and click “Application”, and then you can use the shortcut keys to start the application. For example, I set the 360 browser shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+3


1. After setting the shortcut key to start the desktop application, do not unlock the application from the “Start” menu, otherwise the shortcut key will be invalid.

2. The desktop application properties page must be selected from the “Start” menu, right mouse button, properties. Instead of desktop shortcut ICONS, right mouse button, properties. The latter shortcut key does not take effect after being set.

Three, personal professional

Since I am a c++ programmer, I have posted some shortcuts for programmer related tools.…
Copy the code……

By the way, buckle someone else’s picture:

4. Move on

Once you get used to shortcuts, you’ll realize how uncomfortable it is to have an extra mouse

Ancestors invent tools for the benefit of posterity. It is to try to ignore the things that are not to be thought about, and save energy to devote to the progress of thought. People keep moving forward, creating one advanced tool after another to help the development of human society, such as stone knife, iron tool, engine, artificial intelligence and shared thinking