Spring Cloud Alibaba has released a new version 2.2.6, which ADAPTS to Spring Cloud Hoxton.sr9.

Let’s take a look at this version:

Feature enhancements


  • Support for fast failed configuration of service registrationspring.cloud.nacos.discovery.fail-fast, the default is false# 2104


  • Refactoring Dubbo integration #2101 #2121

The defect


  • – NACOS does not work in K8S environment because DNS does not work – Alibaba/NACOS #5291
  • Fixed issue #2113 where an instance could not be fetched when it was not in the default group
  • Fixed Nacoswatch affecting Zipkin tracking #2140


  • Fixed issue #1992 where group aggregation in SCA did not work
  • Fixed metadata error #2031 #2037 in SCA Dubbo Tagrouter
  • Fixed issue #2007 where “No Provider Available From Registry” error occurred during service changes
  • Fixed issue #2157 where Dubbo could not register with Consul


  • Fixed issue #2135 where AK/SK does not work on Sentinel with NacosDataSource
  • Fixed issue #2137 #2122 #2107 where SentinelFeignClient could not be generated
  • Fixed issue #2044 #1346 where exceptions were missing when using RestTeamPlate

For more information on this Release, see Release Note as well. In addition, if you are learning a Spring Cloud, and recommend a serial years of free tutorial: https://blog.didispace.com/sp…

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