Spring Boot integrates Shiro permission verification framework for reference:


Introduction of depend on

<dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shiro</groupId> <artifactId>shiro-spring-boot-web-starter</artifactId> The < version > 1.4.0 < / version > < / dependency >Copy the code

Configure Shiro


@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "shiro")
public class ShiroConfig {

    private ApplicationConfig applicationConfig;

    private List<String> pathDefinitions;

    public ShiroFilterChainDefinition shiroFilterChainDefinition() {
        DefaultShiroFilterChainDefinition chainDefinition = new

                .forEach(s -> chainDefinition.addPathDefinition(s, "anon"));
        this.getPathDefinitions().forEach(d -> {
            String[] defArr = d.split("=");
                    .addPathDefinition(StringUtils.trim(defArr[0]), StringUtils.trim(defArr[1]));

        return chainDefinition;

    public Realm systemRealm() {
        SystemRealm systemRealm = new SystemRealm();
        return systemRealm;

    public List<String> getPathDefinitions() {
        return pathDefinitions;

    public void setPathDefinitions(List<String> pathDefinitions) {
        this.pathDefinitions = pathDefinitions;

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ApplicationConfig: The configuration in application.yml is injected.


public class SystemRealm extends AuthorizingRealm { @Autowired private SysAdminMapper sysAdminMapper; @Override protected AuthenticationInfo doGetAuthenticationInfo(AuthenticationToken authenticationToken) throws AuthenticationException { UsernamePasswordToken token = (UsernamePasswordToken) authenticationToken; token.setPassword(EcryptUtils.encode(String.valueOf(token.getPassword())).toCharArray ()); SysAdminDO sysAdminParams = new SysAdminDO(); sysAdminParams.setAdminLoginName(token.getUsername()); SysAdminDO sysAdminDO = sysAdminMapper.selectByParams(sysAdminParams); AuthenticationInfo authInfo = null; if (sysAdminDO ! = null) { authInfo = new SimpleAuthenticationInfo(sysAdminDO, sysAdminDO.getAdminLoginPass(), getName()); } return authInfo; } Override protected AuthorizationInfo doGetAuthorizationInfo(PrincipalCollection PrincipalCollection) {/** * According to the corresponding permission to modify the user corresponding roles, permissions, * * according to user's query/SysAdminDO SysAdminDO = (SysAdminDO) super. GetAvailablePrincipal (principalCollection); SimpleAuthorizationInfo authorizationInfo = new SimpleAuthorizationInfo(); Set<String> roles = new HashSet<>(); roles.addAll(Arrays.asList("product", "operation")); authorizationInfo.setRoles(roles); Set<String> permissions = new HashSet<>(); permissions.addAll(Arrays.asList("product:create", "product:del", "operation:update")); authorizationInfo.addStringPermissions(permissions); return authorizationInfo; }}Copy the code

Application configuration

Add Shiro configuration to application.yml.

  loginUrl: /login
  successUrl: /
  unauthorizedUrl: /error
    - /login/submit = anon
    - /logout = logout
    - /test = authc, roles[product], perms[operation:update]
    - /** = authc
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LoginUrl: Those without authentication will jump to the login page.

SuccessUrl: Indicates the page to which authentication succeeds.

UnauthorizedUrl: indicates the page to which the authentication fails.

PathDefinitions: Defines path authorization rules.

More parameters refer to the official website definition:


Login Service Class

@Override public SysAdminDO login(LoginForm form) { UsernamePasswordToken token = new UsernamePasswordToken(form.getLoginName(), form.getLoginPassword()); token.setRememberMe(true); Subject currentUser = getSubject(); try { currentUser.login(token); } catch (Exception e) {logger.error(" login failed: ", e); } return (SysAdminDO) currentUser.getPrincipal(); }Copy the code

Built-in filter

Anno, Authc, etc.

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Official website definition:


Shiro reference Manual hd version, please reply qq group in the public account menu, in the group file technology tutorial folder download.

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