Finally can not bear the chaos of the collection folder, comb the usually commonly used design website.

The most commonly used or petals, whether looking for UI, or looking for blog pictures, most can find what they want. I can’t help but think of Soda Suta. During the weekend of senior high school, when other kids got up at 6 o ‘clock for self-study, a cat always slept lazily until 8 o ‘clock and then went to the library room. At that time, design was just an excuse to refuse self-study. I didn’t know anything about UED and UCD. When I think of those days, I still have a different taste in my heart.

Recently, I love watching Little Big Details, some small design Details. Every time I see a good one, I am always amazed and feel that I like designing more. Good design always brings unspeakable beauty to people. For example, the “404 Not Found” page is one of the best designs in China to find lost children in combination with public welfare. The design of Little Big Details is a Little game similar to Super Mario. It’s fun and users will be tempted to play it.

Dribble and Pinterest

Dribbble – Show and tell for designers


Designers understand, do not explain ~

2. Petal net

Discover and collect everything you like

The most commonly used domestic website, do design to find material, find inspiration, write a blog to find pictures are used, but also can collect high-quality goods to their own favorites, material management is very convenient ~

Soda Souta

Soda Sutta design volume shop

High school do design commonly used, now occasionally to take a look at hand-painted ~

Little Big Details

Little Big Details – Your daily dose of design inspiration

Touching and unexpected design details, warm to the heart ~

5. Mobile Design Pattern&UI

Mobile Patterns

Pttrns – Mobile User Interface Patterns

Inspired UI – Mobile Apps Design Patterns [iPhone]

lovely ui

Page interaction design, classified by function modules, provides many templates such as loading and empty states, tangled interactive pages, looking for the best place to experience ~

6, The Noun Project


Interesting site, noun visualization. All ICONS can now form stories

7, Reeoo


Look at the color matching with this, color matching, the design is still wonderful ~

8. LOGO design

Logopond – Identity Inspiration

LOGO choice ~

9. Flat Design Gallery

Flat Design Gallery & Showcase • An inspirational resource for designers • Flat Inspire

Flat design