Point attention, don’t get lost; Keep updating Java related technology and information!!

Read the source framework as follows: Mybatis, Spring, Redis, Java concurrency, Dubbo, RocketMq, Sharing-Sphere, etc

As an excellent Java development programmer, as well as those who want to learn Java a little deeper knowledge of the students, familiar with the source code framework and skilled reading and use is essential to the core skills, but also every Java programmer should do.

For example, go to an interview and ask the underlying implementation principle of Spring Aop? How does HashMap work? Redis cluster voting? You will look stunned and be beaten up by the interviewer. If you have any of the above problems, come on, follow me to learn source code.

So how do you go about learning?

Xiaobian to recommend a2 centsLearn source code with me, see how it is to read and use the source code frameworks we often say often: Mybatis, Spring, Redis, Java concurrency, Dubbo, RocketMq, Sharing-Sphere

Suits the crowd

  • Java programmers with development experience
  • But for a long time stay in the increase, deletion, change and check business development
  • And the realization principle of the underlying technology and technical source code is not familiar with the children’s shoes

The core technology

  1. Spring IOC AOP MVC source code reading skills
  2. HashMap implementation and source code analysis
  3. Redis/Jedis communication details and source code analysis
  4. Dubbo RPC communication principle and source code analysis
  5. Zookeeper election source code analysis
  6. RocketMq message middleware source code in detail
  7. Mybatis quick start
  8. How Mybatis works
  9. Mybatis source code analysis
  10. Mybatis source code design pattern
  11. Quick bug check in development
  12. New techniques for debugging bugs
  13. How to read the Spring source code
  14. Spring source code analysis
  15. What is the underlying implementation of HashMap?
  16. Is HashMap thread safe?
  17. What is the difference between JDK8 and JDK7 for HashMap?
  18. If you were to design a HashMap, what would be the idea?
  19. Redis/Jedis source code reading skills
  20. Zookeeper source code reading skills
  21. RocketMq source code reading tips
  22. Sharding- Shpere source code reading skills
  23. Dubbo source code reading skills

For details

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