Song Jiujiu SEO: What is SEO? Why should enterprises or individuals do SEO website optimization? Get right to the point.

What is SEO?

Seo is also known as website Optimization, also known as Search Engine Optimization, English name (Search Engine Optimization), abbreviation: SEO.

Seo is a kind of basic search engine network marketing promotion method, through the search engine platform rules to optimize, in order to achieve natural product ranking, in order to obtain traffic exposure and brand revenue. Can also be understood as their own or their own company’s website ranking front, convenient Internet users search.

Common domestic search engines are Baidu, Sogou, 360, what, headline search, Bing and so on.

Foreign Google, English name: Google, currently domestic users can not access.

Seo user behavior analysis:

If Internet users want to obtain knowledge, information, news and information through the network, they must search on the Internet, and search engine platform is the most used at present.

Enter the keywords you want to search in the search platform, and the search results of this keyword can be displayed, so as to find what the user wants to know.

SEO search case explanation:

Take the keyword “Song Jiujiu” as an example, we search in baidu search engine platform, most of the search results on the home page are related to Song Jiujiu, the first song Jiujiu blog is the author of the public account Song Jiujiu personal blog operation.

As shown in the figure, baidu search results generally show 10 pages, which are 1,2,3… 10, and the content of the 10 pages is ranked, each page has 10 natural search results, in addition to the bidding AD ranking a total of 100, is also our usual ranking of 100.

And this 100 rankings almost meet user search needs, we usually think that SEO optimization is based on 100 rankings as the standard, ranking home page (top 10), for the ultimate goal, ranking first is the ultimate goal.

If you are a seller of lipstick, the keyword “lipstick” to do the home page ranking, then every day there is a search for “lipstick” to visit the site users, meaning every day useful active traffic, and demand is strong, generally no demand users will not search for this word.

At this point, you are only responsible for the website product content and customer service work.

With the ranking, there is flow, with the flow, to have a deal!

Seo search content results keywords ranking effect:

Song Jiujiu thought is ranking home page > second page > Third page >… > page 10 >…

Home page ranking with the first ranking is the most, the second and third ranking, followed by four five six seven eight ninety.

Seo website optimization process: website– > keywordsSelect search engine platform →Implement the ranking.

Seo prerequisites:

Seo optimization song Jiujiu believes that there must be an official website, and the theme of the website content, that is, the keyword selected to optimize should be consistent with the theme of the website.

Some netizens ask the third party platform article or the second level domain name can do SEO, Song Jiujiu (402658829) thought not can’t do, but the third party platform cannot control too strong, easy to be deleted by the platform, restrictions and other problems, so it is not recommended to use the third party platform to do website optimization.

We usually do soft text marketing and SEO external chain optimization through third-party platforms, even if a platform to delete the seal we can also choose other platforms.

For how to use third-party platforms to do advertorials promotion, network promotion and external optimization of the website we will share later.

Seo optimization method:

Usually divided into two categories, we call black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

Black hat seo:

Refers to the use of search engine loopholes or cheating methods to achieve ranking, black hat SEO is easy to be punished by search engine, such as website drop right, K station.

These two years popular keywords fast ranking (also called fast row), is black hat SEO.

Its advantage is fast! Rank fast, drop right fast, see station also fast!

As for the fast ranking, there is another saying, the public number Song Jiujiu has shared in the previous article, interested friends can go to see “Song Jiujiu fast row SEO optimization keyword fast ranking course”.

White hat SEO:

By website title, keywords, description (hereinafter referred to as TKD), site procedures, site code, web content, web site within the chain, site navigation, site layout, site classification, Alt tag, the tag label, outside the chain optimization through formal techniques, technology and the way realize rankings and be accepted by SEO search engine technology, called a white hat.

The advantage of white hat SEO is ranking stability, the disadvantage is that it takes a long time, and everyone’s operation techniques are different, the results of the ranking are different, the matters that need to pay attention to are also many, later we will share one by one, welcome to pay attention to Song Jiujiu, learn more SEO knowledge.

Usually when we say SEO, we mean white hat SEO.

Seo optimization scheme:

1, vertical

We want to do an industry, the website is generally based on the content of the industry, the website TKD should also be based on the industry before the establishment of the website.

2, the HTML

Web sites are dominated by static pages, usually presented in.HTML format.

3, in the chain

Reasonable internal chain layout, increase user experience, reduce the website jump out rate.

4. Content update

Enrich website content, layout more keywords seo.

5. External chain optimization

Some people say that the role of the chain is not big, search engine in the fight against the chain, Song Jiujiu years of practical SEO experience tells me that the role of high quality chain should not be underestimated.

Advantages of SEO:

1, the use of keyword rankings for website drainage, realization, product sales and brand publicity.

2, the price is low, do their own station, only need a domain name, domain name server, and then find an open source website program can be built successfully, the cost is not more than a thousand blocks.

3, strong persistence, once there is a keyword ranking, and maintain the ranking is stable, there are users to visit every day.

Seo notes:

1, SEO keyword ranking fluctuates is normal, one is caused by peer competition, one is the search algorithm error, sometimes by manual intervention.

2, the number of ranking is small, the first 10 pages a total of 100 positions, the home page is even less, only 10 natural ranking ranking, so SEO ranking competition is very large, non-SEO professionals, it is generally difficult to do website ranking

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