First, solve the problem of reporting errors

Create a project with Android Studio

The project is newly built, they have not made any modifications, why will report this error? Build. Gradle file: build.gradle file: build.gradle file: build.gradle

Look from the dependent files need version of the SDK is 29, rely on the com. Android. Support: appcompat – v7 this component is 29 version of the SDK:

Check the SDK Tools version 26 of Android Studio you installed

Therefore, you can fix the problem by changing the SDK versions in the build.gradle file to API 26. You can fix the problem by following the following steps:

Android SDK Platform, SDK tools, SDK Build Tools, SDK Platform tools

1. Android SDK Platform

Android API 29 or 26 refers to the system version.

2. Android SDK Tools

Android SDK Tools is a component of the Android SDK. It includes a full suite of development and debugging tools for Android and is built into Android Studio.

3. Android SDK Build Tools

Build-tools refers to the Android SDK build-tools component that is required to compile Android applications.

4. Android SDK Platform Tools

The Android SDK platform tools are a component of the Android SDK. It includes tools for interacting with the Android platform, such as ADB, Fastboot, and Systrace. These tools are needed to develop Android applications.