What is a code generator?

A code generator is a tool that generates template code according to a common coding specification. For example, the model, view and controller in the MVC framework correspond to the code of Controller, Service, ServiceImpl, DAO, DAOImpl, Model and JSP. At this point, the code generator can replace manual repetitive work and automatically generate a set of template code corresponding to different business tables.

I have organized several code generators on the Internet, hoping to help you improve your work efficiency and reduce repetitive work.

1. Soft agile framework

This tool is dedicated to agile development and productivity. Website: https://www.learun.cn/Home/Index

2, Magical Coder

You can directly create a new project on the web page, create a page, and complete the layout of the page by dragging and dropping components. The backend of this tool is based on the SpringBoot backend management system framework. Page is based on the Layui front-end framework to achieve the free layout. Website: http://bbs.magicalcoder.com

3, JEEditor

A super powerful code generator!! A fast development platform that can complete 75% of the basic features of a brand new project in 72 hours! Simple three-step operation, one-key generation of functional code: 1. Build ER diagram object: create conceptual model table with PowerDesign tool. 2. Cloud Computing: Login to the cloud, automatically calculate, and automatically push the results to the client! 3. One-key generation: Click the button [One-key generation] to generate the functional code. Website: http://www.skycto.com/cms/jsp…

4. It ape network

You can debug the verification code, form HTML, Cron time expression and other contents on the web page, and then generate the corresponding Java and HTML codes, and download them directly. Website: https://tool.ityuan.com/captcha