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Smart PARTY building 3D visualization scheme, expand party building cultural propaganda digital network influence

Posted on Aug. 6, 2022, 10:48 a.m. by Melissa Miranda
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The rapid development of information technology has accelerated social differentiation and deconstruction, and reconstructed interpersonal communication channels. As the proportion of Internet users and "digital natives" among Party members continues to rise, and the digitalization of party members' work and life continues to deepen, the appeal and cohesion of traditional Party building methods for Party members, especially the younger generation, is declining. Traditional organizational life style is also hard to meet and adapt to the process of party member mass information life. Party building cultural propaganda must change the means and form of promotion, give full play to the advantages of overall planning and coordination, take advantage of the wisdom of party building cloud publicity, expand the influence of party building cultural propaganda.

Cloud propaganda based on party building culture, some excellent grass-roots party building workers in the first real sense of practical work by the era of information and big data to the party's work to bring realistic challenges, explore the party building culture, party member information wisdom, online cloud exhibition hall cloud display, and achieved good results.

What is wisdom party building?

At present, there is no unified view on the definition of smart Party construction. Smart Party building is a contemporary appellation of party building informatization and digitization in the new stage of informatization development. It is a new platform, a new model and a new form for the use of new information technology, the integration of various resources, more effectively strengthen organizational management, improve the level of serving the masses, expand the party's presence and digital influence in the network world, improve the party's governing ability, and consolidate the party's governing foundation.

Smart Party building is the digital, online and intelligent form of party building. It will through the integration of party construction network platform integration, electronic paper content, mass work offline party construction and services online, digital, streamline, to solve the and the limit of time and space of party organizations, party members, the masses more quickly get the authority of the relevant information in a timely manner, more convenient to deal with relevant organization and business, to participate in group activities as the foundation, through the analysis of the data collected, Real-time access to party members and the masses of the party's views, needs, and the trend, the party members and the party organization's activity, adjust the work content and priorities, and from the Internet for party members to adjust the feedback of masses, cycling, live together, so as to more effectively improve own construction, service to the masses, make party building more times, openness, interactivity, democracy, We will maximize the positive energy in cyberspace.

Smart Party building focuses on using big data analysis to generate new understanding, predict new trends and provide new ideas. It is to use the massive data generated by the Internet every moment and the increasingly mature big data analysis technology, machine learning, constantly, accurately and dynamically grasp the situation of party organizations and party members, the needs of the masses and the future development trend of the Party's work, through precise policy, initiative push, process supervision, index evaluation, We will promote overall planning for Party building, reduce levels of party building, improve efficiency and optimize party building, and make management, services and guidance customized, precise, personalized, and intelligent.

Smart Party building uses party building information technology and is constantly evolving and upgrading. It represents from the new method, means to the new work platform, system and then to the new automation, intelligent party building model and shape of the iteration. The subject of intelligent Party construction is still the Party construction, and the key point is the transformation of The Times.

What are the advantages of building a wise party?

1. Realizing the digital visualization of party construction.

Smart Party construction uses big data technology to construct the management center of party organization. Realized the party organization data statistics automation, statistical results more accurate, more rapid, manual statistics become history. Let scientific analysis guide party building work, party organization management current situation be clear at a glance.

2, realized the party building work mobile.

The construction of the Smart Party has broken time and space restrictions. Even if party members are not at the party headquarters or working hours, they can pay party membership fees, check materials, take exams, and track activities through mobile phones. Greatly improving the efficiency of party building.

3. Real-time interaction between the organization, party members and the masses has been realized.

Smart Party building platform breaks the limitation of one-way communication in traditional party building work. Through the platform, you can contact each party branch, party group and subordinate party members below the Party organization. Record the development of party members and party organizations in real time. VR party building, THE emergence of AI Party building, more let party members realize the convenience of interactive communication.

3DCAT real-time rendering of the role of cloud platform in the construction of the smart Party

As we all know, bees and other insects are needed to transmit the pollen of some plants. 3DCAT real-time rendering cloud plays a role similar to bees. The 3DCAT real-time rendering platform can help spread the 3D online platform applications of Wisdom Party Jian. Users can access and control the wisdom Party Jian cloud platform directly through THE URL, no matter when, where or on equipment, without installing applications.

3DCAT is a real-time rendering cloud platform that integrates real-time rendering, real-time 3D visualization, cloud streaming and other related technologies. The massive GPU computing power in the cloud is used to process the heavy image rendering calculation and stream the output to the terminal device synchronously, so as to realize the lightweight of the terminal device and make high-quality 3D graphics applications everywhere. Users can access 3d applications hosted in the 3DCAT cloud using any common device connected to the Internet without having to download and install the application. The 3DCAT real-time Rendering cloud platform uses the latest information technologies such as the Internet, big data and cloud computing to deploy the Party building work to the 3DCAT cloud. It only needs to generate a link to realize the intelligent management of the Party building work, thus improving the party's governing ability.

3DCAT real-time rendering of intelligent Party building on the cloud platform transforms the effective practices of traditional party building in the physical world into party building network systems and applications, making up for the space and areas where the antenna of offline Party building cannot be extended under the new situation. 3DCAT uses real-time rendering and pixel streaming technology to break the time and space constraints of traditional Party building, allowing people to participate in Party building anytime and anywhere on any device. On the 3DCAT real-time rendering cloud platform, all work of the Party can be standardized, standardized, streamlined and transparent, and presented online in real time, so that party organizations, party members and the masses can supervise online in real time.

The 3DCAT Real-time Rendering cloud platform provides professional technical services to help users reduce cost and improve efficiency of related products and processes. At present, 3DCAT real-time rendering cloud platform has provided professional technical services in industrial simulation, smart park, medical simulation, game trial, automotive simulation, construction engineering and other virtual simulation and digital twinning related applications. Welcome to experience:

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