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The MBP at home lay still for a while, and one day, when he wanted to get high, he was just messing around, and Android Studio didn’t recognize the device. ?????

A small hand run, the direct prompt is as follows:

21:40 Session ‘app’: Installation did not succeed.

The application could not be installed.



Take a screenshot by the way:

The tragic result is to come back every day to play a simulator, the loss of MBP to force, unlike the Air card into the ball.

The corresponding Android Studio does not detect the device at all, as shown below:

Ao Jiao virtual machine, ao Jiao existence.

How to break?


Click on the left Assistant of Android Studio, which gives us a brief list of suggestions:

The above indicates that we need to connect the device via USB, but in general development, open developer mode, open USB debugging, this is a must.

Next, use ADB to confirm whether there are currently connected devices, as shown below:

The following is a brief description of the functions of the two commands (personal understanding) :

1) ADB Devices: lists information about currently connected devices

2) ADB USB: Boot USB

Fuck, as shown above, according to Google:

We can see that there is a problem with the current Mac ADB. The solution is as follows:

The operation steps are as follows:

Type ADB kill-server to stop ADB

Type ADB USB to restart USB listening, that is, debugging

Type ADB Devices to view information about currently connected devices

After completing the above two steps, attach the final result directly:

Looking at the Android Studio device list:

Go to play.

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