Python is now included in the college entrance examination, and it seems that everyone is learning Python in 2018. It seems that there is almost nothing that Python cannot do. Today, let’s talk about Python and our singletons!

What is a singles tax

The history of the singles tax dates back to a 2015 new policy in South Korea, which was forced into existence by a low fertility rate.

Now that China is going to implement this policy, many single dogs can’t accept it

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Unfortunately, the country does not allocate objects, men say it is difficult to find objects, there is no country, women relative to men, objects are difficult to find.

Shanghai statistics, Shanghai’s male and female single ratio is 1:4, do not think that it is difficult for men to find a partner, in fact, is a male: female is 1:4, you are still confused for the single?

I collected and analyzed the characteristics of China’s current population by myself. At present, there are nearly 200 million people in China who are single, and this data is still increasing. Without saying much, I will specifically analyze the industry of single men and women and the cities with high single status


  • Dongguan 76.92%
  • Shenzhen 64.48%
  • Guangzhou 63.41%
  • Changsha 62.75%
  • Suzhou 59.62%
  • Hangzhou 58.57%
  • Beijing 57.47%
  • Shanghai 56.43%
  • Chengdu 55.15%
  • Nanjing 54.55%

It can be seen that Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are also ranked among the regions with a high proportion of singles. They all say that IT industry is a single industry, which is not wrong

Industry Proportion (shown in figure)

Figure can be seen by data analysis, regardless of men and women, single proportion temporarily tops, IT kind of high-paying jobs as the next big data, artificial intelligence, the advent of cloud computing, employment of high-paying jobs in the future IT will be increased, proportion will increase, according to my analysis of future male single ratio in the IT industry will continue to increase, It could go as high as 30 percent

You may be wondering: All this talk, but I haven’t even talked about finding a girlfriend. Don’t worry, the official start of the below: so students want to learn, it is necessary to listen to the teacher’s class, get the python welfare, want to learn the students can go to the dream of the teacher, wai xin (in Chinese) : in front of a group is: mengy, behind a set of is: 7762, the above two groups of letters according to the order can be combined, she will arrange learning.

According to the book, (constants, globals, functions, and datatypes) file is a module, and there is a sense that constants, globals, functions, and datatypes are of the same “class”. There is no more to say here, take back your mind to see the crawler!

1, into the lily network official website

Click “Search”, click “Basic Search”, then jump to another page, which is the login page (as shown in the figure) :

F12, F5, Network, JS (as shown in the figure) :

3. Find the asynchronous request for login, which is in login.js (see figure) :

4. Click Basic Search and you get two asynchronous requests

1: Get 160 IDs (see figure) :

2: Get the user details according to the ID, which is JSON data (as shown in the figure) :

I hope that through these, everyone can find their own happiness. And –

Please know everyone boss, there is no matter how much holiday, thank you!

A few tips for beginners in Python:

1. Code specification, which is a very good habit in itself, if you don’t keep a good code planning at the beginning, it will be very painful later

2. More hands-on, less reading, many people learn Python blindly read books, this is not learning mathematical physics, you look at the example may be, learning Python is mainly to learn programming ideas. So if you want to learn Python, it is necessary to listen to the teacher’s class and get Python benefits. If you want to learn Python, you can go to the teacher’s Weixin: the first group is Mengy, the second group is 7762. Put the above two groups of letters together in order, and she will arrange the learning.

3. Practice frequently. After learning new knowledge points, be sure to remember how to apply them, or you will forget them.

4. Learn to be efficient. If you feel that your efficiency is very low, stop, find out the reason, and ask someone who has done it why.