In the era of SMS bombardment, links before are jump to the web page, and later found that the stickiness is not strong, the cost of awakening users again is higher, but the subscription function of small programs, the cost of awakening again is lower, and it is also convenient to inform users of the results. So now the links are redirected to applets. Needless to say, now look at how to achieve?

Step 1: First we need to enable cloud development in the applet. It should be noted that the payment method needs to choose “pay-as-you-go” when opening.

Step 2: Open a static site in the Cloud Development Console “More – Static Site”.

Step 3: After the completion of the opening, you can find the site address in the site configuration.

Step 4: Upload your web code file in file management, after uploading, visit the link, you can view the content.

Next the most important to come, how to jump to the small program specified page?

Step 5: Generate the URL Scheme of the applet. Enter small program management background, select “Tools – Generate URL Scheme”.

Step 6: Add need to jump to the specified page path, do you need to pass arguments, after the completion of the add to generate your address, such as: weixin://dl/business/? t=mwlTe6GMvvq

Window.location.href =”weixin://dl/business/? T =mwlTe6GMvvq” add JS code can jump to the small program.

Note: Some browsers will block it if you put it directly into the onload function, so you need to manually click to open it. Make it active as far as possible to take won’t have a problem.