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  • Frontend Developer
  • Java Developer

Frontend Developer

About the position and you

Renying Network is dedicated to the development of social networking platforms including websites and mobile applications. We are looking for front-end engineers who are a good fit for our company. We want you to be able to solve difficult front-end development problems, be curious, be a quick learner, be open-minded and have a good design sense and background. You will have the opportunity to build your own library of components and experience new visual design for your website through our project, and gradually get exposed to many mainstream technologies.

Your job responsibilities:

  • According to product requirements, complete high quality front-end development and maintenance;
  • According to the development process, build and improve the component or tool library to improve the work efficiency;
  • According to the product, use the front-end technology to optimize the interactive function;
  • Optimize front-end performance to achieve excellent load, execution, and render times
  • Test your own code to ensure quality and fix bugs in time.

Ideal candidate:

  • 4 years or above experience in front-end development;
  • Proficient in JavaScript, especially React/Redux;
  • Familiar with HTML/CSS and experience with responsive layout;
  • Familiar with Web standards and cross-browser compatible solutions;
  • Familiar with the best user experience, and be able to propose their own modification suggestions based on technical solutions;
  • Good communication skills in English and Chinese;
  • Able to work under pressure and willing to accept multicultural working environment.


  • Familiar with Node.js and newer versions of Webpack.

Java Developer

About the position and you

Renying is dedicated to developing social networking platforms, including websites and mobile applications. We are looking for Java Developer to join the Service Team. We want you to be inquisitive, able to solve complex development problems, open and willing to learn.

The engineers at the Service Team play an important role in the growth of the company, working across multiple teams to bring new ideas to life and allow our community to grow. They are dedicated to discovering information hidden in vast amounts of data to help companies make informed business decisions and create better products.

Your job responsibilities:

  • Develop new products/features, including initial design, assessment of effort and time required;
  • Work closely with multiple development teams to design and improve features;
  • Transform business requirements into products and prioritize them;
  • Work in DevOps and agile development environments;
  • Assist in monitoring and proactively identify performance problems;
  • Improve design and implementation documentation.

Ideal candidate:

  • Bachelor or above degree or equivalent, major in computer science or related;
  • At least 5 years experience in Internet related industry;
  • Core Java knowledge in the UNIX/Linux environment;
  • Experience in debugging/performance tuning at Java/GC/Linux OS level;
  • Proficient in Python or Scala, willing to learn other programming languages;
  • Strong knowledge of messaging and event-driven architecture, especially using Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ;
  • Experience with Apache Lucene or Lucene based Search engines (Elastic Search or Solr);
  • Willing to participate in the whole process of project, including design, programming, operation and troubleshooting;
  • Independent, self-driven, with excellent ability to finish the job.


  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and cross-functional skills;
  • Knowledge and experience of large distributed systems;
  • Interested in machine learning and/or working with ML teams;
  • Experience with CI/CD.

As a unique Internet company, our special benefits include:

  • 16 days of annual leave in the first year after becoming a full-time employee, with an additional two days per year thereafter, up to a maximum of 22 days;
  • Extra paid holidays on Christmas and New Year’s Day;
  • Flexible working hours, come anytime from 8am to 10am;
  • Free and unlimited self-service meals;
  • The office environment is comparable to Google’s;
  • Equipped with billiards and darts for leisure;
  • Opportunities for monthly outings;
  • Every Thursday massage, eliminate work fatigue;
  • English and Chinese training to improve communication skills;
  • Equipped with a well-stocked library to help self-improvement;
  • Annual health examination;
  • Fitness expense subsidy;
  • Full payment of five social insurance and one housing fund and supplementary health insurance.

About resume reply:

Every resume put into our email (as long as it is not judged to be a virus) will receive our automatic reply, because the number is really large, so HR can not do one by one manual reply, please forgive me! If you don’t get a response via email, you can also try sending it through the official website or other channels Oh, thank you!

Contact Information:

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  • Telephone: 021-51752778
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  • E-mail: mailto:[email protected]

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