Yesterday released a poking fun at Denver SEO run short article, and then in the new group (yes yes, I am the nuggets new users) and small partners to explore exchanges sparked some turmoil, some of my classmates want to write some articles about SEO knowledge, so I to update before lunch time. Also alerted the nuggets official assistant classmate, also sent an invitation to push. (To be honest, the heart is a little happy 😄 but still follow the fate ~)

The article portal of poking fun at nuggets SEO operation: Analysis of SEO operation of Nuggets and old programmers communication platform (CSDN& Blog Garden)

Well, given that most developers are in the job market, they have to specialize. Now I will talk about SEO optimization as plain as possible.

SEO Knowledge popularization

What is SEO before we understand SEO? Why do SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a way: the use of search engine sorting algorithm mechanism and related rules (will be talked about later), improve the site in the relevant search engine web page keyword natural ranking (so: SEO can be simply understood as website keyword ranking optimization).

The purpose is to let it occupy a leading position in the industry and gain brand revenue. (That is, the user search keywords can see your content first)

To a large extent, it is a kind of business behavior of website operators to move their own or their own company’s website page keyword ranking forward (Baidu search default page shows 10 positions, do not calculate paid advertising space, because SEO optimization is free Baidu snapshot position).

Why SEO?

So, why do SEO? One point: through certain SEO optimization operation can let the user in the search for keywords more priority to see your page information, this is enough.

No matter what your content is, when you create that content, it’s for more dissemination and exposure. If you do not want to be distributed, then you should not create a web page, but create a Word document or TXT notepad, save on your own computer. Only you can see it.)

This is why I poke fun at Nuggets SEO: content creation of this scale and quality can only be effectively reached by a small group of people. (I’ve seen a lot of users joke that articles are not read enough, aren’t featured, etc., so creators don’t have the incentive to consistently produce good content.)

The purpose of SEO is for more exposure, and the flow of more accurate exposure!

From the demand side analysis: search this action, belongs to the active user and with the purpose of the active demand, the high value of traffic is self-evident.

Initiative is like a user actively looking for information, is to find this content.

Passivity is like trying every possible way to push your information to users, but not necessarily accurately.

So, that’s why you do SEO. It is also the reason why Baidu is so far a dominant search company, and the business model behind baidu’s success.

Information gap is always there, people looking for information, information for people, from the efficiency and flow and business value of the difference is very big.

How to do SEO?

Now that we know how to do SEO, let’s talk about how to do SEO.

I’ll break it down into the following little points for you to browse. (write relatively large vernacular, after all, I am not a professional writing article, I am more practical. I’m not very good at theory. Can only speak in plain English with everyone ~ 😂)

Search engine working principle analysis

Why do search engines work? Because our ultimate goal is to get the site to search engine rankings. Search engine is our battlefield, position.

Just serve it

There may be a lot of content here, and we can’t know how and why. In-depth understanding of the essence of the principle of search engine work, more conducive to us to do SEO optimization work.

From the figure above, we can see four blocks, which are: capture and build database, search and sort, external voting, and result display.

The whole process is relatively simple, everyone is a program ape, learn if else judgment statement, also read a lot of project requirements documents, ha ha ha ~ do not need to explain in detail

In plain English:

Sent a large number of search engine spiders to crawl the Internet a lot of web page and crawl back to set up a temporary link libraries, and then through a series of algorithms processing, will does not conform to the rules of web links or no real value (inferior content pages) to clean up, and the remaining meet the conditions of the web page link to create an index of libraries. This index library edge will be processed by some algorithms, such as classification, archiving, sorting and so on. These contents will be queried through the user’s Query keywords, and the corresponding web page results meeting the user’s search requirements will be returned to the user.

This is why we usually search keywords in Baidu, will be relatively convenient and quick to find the corresponding solution. As for mo60 and a dog, the general query results are difficult to meet our needs. The reason is that the algorithm processing mechanism of each search engine is different, the more perfect the algorithm, the more can meet the needs of users.

And SEO to do, is on the basis of meeting user needs, so that our web pages can more meet the search engine sorting algorithm mechanism. In order to improve our page ranking, as far as possible to let our content in the large-scale similar pages stand out, priority display to users, bring greater exposure and dissemination. (This is the point, so take notes.)

Of course, to Baidu’s technical ability, no SEO technicians can be said to fully understand baidu’s sorting algorithm. Even baidu internal algorithm design and development engineers, baidu search will never know the complete sorting algorithm processing process.

Of course, we also do not need to reach the point of algorithm engineer, also can do GOOD SEO ~

Understanding the working principle of search engines, we can know the need to do the corresponding SEO optimization work in which stage.

Here I would like to talk about some basic terms in SEO, suitable for new contact SEO students.

SEO basic terms in the vernacular

Robots agreement

Robots.txt is the first file that the search engine accesses when visiting a website. It is used to determine which pages of the website are allowed to be crawled by the crawler and which are forbidden to be crawled.

Of course, the general SEO website will allow search engines to crawl all the content of the site, but there are still some content or not necessary to be included in the content, we do not want to be crawler crawl included, such as: Disclaimers, contact us, etc. Pages that have no search value or that we want to make available to real users of the site, but do not want to be exposed to the public.

Domestic words, the most typical case of blocking Baidu spider should be Taobao, interested partners to search to understand ~

In addition, robots.txt must be placed in the root directory of the website, and the file name should be lowercase.

I wanted to talk about some basic terms, but I found that they were too basic to be interesting. Then I looked at the Nuggets and found an article written by someone else and posted it here so you can study on your own.

Juejin. Cn/post / 684490… (Without the authorization of the original author, do not report me 😂)

Let me tell you what the nuggets’ SEO problem is. Just say the two most obvious ones. Just say the two. It is not an exaggeration to say that solving these two problems, with the current creation size and volume of the excavation, would at worst increase the existing natural search traffic of the excavation by five times. (For proof)

Nuggets SEO issues

Grab friendliness

Previously said the search engine working principle, the first step is to grab the library. The reason why the Denver rankings are relatively similar technology developers exchange platform such as: CSDN, blog garden so bad (do not understand my home page to see the first article), the most fundamental reason appears in the web crawl friendly here.

If the SEO students in nuggets see it, they can test it (if not, I can also help haha ~ just hope that more high-quality articles can get more spread, so that the majority of creators can get better feedback 🙏).

The label specification

We’re only talking about H tags here. Take a look at the Baidu Encyclopedia for the H tag, but in fact the article cited above also mentions the H1 tag. Here I focus on a verbose, above ~

H tag in detail:…

The following is an excerpt of the content, which can be clearly known:

The essence of the H tag is to show the structure of the content, with text decreasing in importance from large to small, that is, weight decreasing in order.

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 are the title tags, decreasing in importance. It can make the hierarchy of the page more clear, so that search engines better crawl and analyze the theme of the page content.

The H tag guides the search engine to what is important on the page. For search engines, the main meaning of the tag is to tell the search engine that this is the title or topic of a text, to emphasize the role, h tag weight will be higher than Strong. Therefore, the use of H tag in search engine optimization is very important.

Because, search engines need to understand what it is written in a pile of text, therefore, it is also in accordance with the reading habits of people, first find the title of the article, however, don’t like people can quickly determine what title, search engines are “blind”, so, using the tag title is to guide the search engine there, for they quickly grasp the text.

The header (H1-H6) tag is an important place to use keywords. This tag should include the most important keywords in the text. The Google algorithm points out that this and the immediate header must have more significance than the text elsewhere.

On the other hand, look at gold. The MK editor comes with a level 1 header (H1 tag), and the title of the article is also H1, assuming the user writes with multiple level 1 headers. There will be multiple H1 tags throughout the page, which one is the core theme of the current post. Although the user can be clearly known through the visual effect, but the search engine spider crawler is not friendly understanding.

Just an example. For example, my post is mostly a secondary title, because I know the title itself is already an H1 tag, so I start with the secondary title (H2 tag). In this way, I can ensure that this article only has 1 H1 tag, so that the spider can better understand the core theme (i.e. Keywords) of the current web page, so as to better understand the content of the web page, identify the theme, and match more appropriate query words. (It is also recommended that the creators of this article can use level 2 title first, not level 1 title 😂 does not affect the reading experience at all ~)

SEO art piece

SEO optimization skills, methods and techniques are too much, too much to say. If you want to list one by one, I suggest you buy a book or go to read the official SEO optimization guide published by Baidu, there are very detailed instructions.

Sometimes there are too many ways to master, and even forget why to do SEO.

Blindly relying on skills that do not meet the needs of users to optimize the web page to the top of the ranking, hang a sheep’s head and sell dog meat, seriously hurt the user experience. This is also baidu in recent years continue to release a variety of algorithms to combat black hat SEO cheating.

I’ve done the same in the past few years, because I have to live. But I don’t need it anymore.

SEO said article

Accidentally read an article on the net: the end of the Internet is content.

Feeling quite deep! When my friend gave me the amway Nuggets website, when I entered the Nuggets, I knew that this website was going this way.

I signed up in time for the June Posting event, which encourages creators to create quality content.

When I logged in yesterday, I posted my first novel. It was a joke, but it was also a heartfelt comment.

It happened that last night I read the instructions on the use of the gold mining community, the establishment of the intention and so on, and I think this is a trend.

And nuggets, already have this condition (a large number of excellent creators, excellent user operation), the only shortage, is SEO, is really a short board on the road of development.

Said run, back to SEO. Do the specification, the rest is content, or content, content is the end of the Internet.

Whether video, or text, or text, are just the carrier of content. Since the development of human civilization, what records have preserved and inherited the excellent ancient history and culture? Is the text, is the content. Not by word of mouth.


This article may be written illogically, but it does not affect reading in general.

Finally, I give you the advice to do SEO: long-term development, do SEO to give up some manipulative behavior, maybe it helped you at the time, but trust me, you will change.

If you change too, come back to me. I’ll be waiting for you at the Nuggets.

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Let’s code and nuggets together!